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Press Release

Video footage: B’Tselem volunteer arrested for arguing with soldiers

On Friday 28 March 2014, Shadi Sidr – a volunteer with B’Tselem’s camera project in Hebron – was in the street outside his home with his brother and a neighbor. Soldiers who had gone up to the roof of
Press Release

Video: settler tries to take down Palestinian flag from roof of Hebron man; soldiers then order homeowner to take down flag himself

An op-ed by Jessica Montell, first published in the The Huffington Post On Saturday B’Tselem camera volunteer Shadi Sidr filmed a settler trying to climb onto Sidr’s own roof to take down a Palestinia
Press Release

Glimpse of Hebron children’s reality: video footage of minors, some under age 12, detained for throwing stones

B'Tselem has written to Legal Advisor for Judea and Samaria Col. Doron Ben-Barak notifying him of two recent incidents in which soldiers unlawfully detained children, some under the age of criminal re
Press Release

Israeli Military Must Permit Video Documentation in Occupied Territories and Conduct Investigation of Attack on Photographers

B’Tselem wrote to OC Central Command Major General Nitzan Alon requesting that he issue an immediate notice to Israeli security forces in Hebron, reminding them that B’Tselem employers and volunteers
Press Release

Separation not only on buses, but also on streets of Hebron

Update : Since the video footage was aired, Border Police officers at the checkpoint allow Palestinian pedestrians to walk on either side of the road. Israeli security forces divided a road in the cen
Press Release

Border Policeman sentenced to 75 days community service for attacking 13-year-old Hebron boy

Last month, the Jerusalem Magistrate Court handed down a sentence for a Border policeman convicted of attacking a Palestinian child in Hebron nearly four years ago: a 75-day prison sentence to be fulf
Press Release

After viewing B'Tselem video, Israeli military judge: Innocent Palestinian man was assaulted by soldier, detained for almost a month

On 12 Sept. 2012, Israeli military court judge, Maj. Daniel Kfir unconditionally released ‘Abd al-’Aziz Fakhouri, a young Palestinian man who was arrested almost a month ago in Hebron by soldiers out
Press Release

Video documentation: officer head-butts a Palestinian youth, Hebron, 25.7.2012

Yesterday evening, 25.7.2012, Zidan Sharabati, a volunteer in B'Tselem's camera distribution project, documented from his window a soldier detaining a number of Palestinian youths. The incident occurr
Press Release

Disciplinary hearing for Border Police officer who kicked a nine year old boy

The Department for the Investigation of Police, in the Ministry of Justice (DIP) has informed B'Tselem that it decided to initiate disciplinary proceedings for "unlawful use of force" against a border

B'Tselem Human Rights Review

B'Tselem's annual report on human rights in the Occupied Territories, covering the 16-month period from January 2009 to April 2010. The report surveys the events since the beginning of Operation Cast