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Soldiers detain five-year-old child in Hebron, 2013

On 9 July 2013, soldiers in Hebron detained Wadi' Maswadeh, a five-year-old Palestinian boy, after he threw a stone. The soldiers forced the crying, frightened child into a military jeep ...
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Women's day 2013: Manal speaks about empowerment through video

As part of International Women’s Day, which here at B’Tselem we’ve extended into International Women’s Week, we’d like to introduce you to Manal Ja’bri, coordinator of our video camera pr...
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Fayzeh speaks about Living in Hebron and volunteering for B'Tselem, 2013

Ever since she moved to downtown Hebron, Fayzeh Abu Shamsiya and her family have been subject to harassment. Although the harassment didn't end when she started recording her world on fil...
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Settler attempts to take down Palestinian flag, 2014

On 8 Mar. 2014 B'Tselem volunteer Shadi Sidr filmed a settler climbing onto Sidr’s roof to take down a Palestinian flag. Caught in barbed wire, the settler said the roof is part of the La...
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Soldiers order Hebron resident to take down Palestinian flag from his roof, 2014

Shortly after B'Tselem volunteer Shadi Sidr filmed a settler trying to take down a Palestinian flag from Sidr’s roof, five soldiers arrived on site, demanding that Sidr take down the flag...
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Harvesting a Storm, Hebron, 2006

Hashem al-'Aza, one of the last remaining Palestinian residents of Tel Rumeida, set off to harvest his olive trees. The settlers, who view his property as their own, came to stop him. ...
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Stoning Neighbors - Hebron, 2007

In March 2007, a new settlement was established in the a-Ras neighborhood of Hebron. Since its establishment, there has been a noticeable increase in harassment and attacks by settlers an...
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Introduction: The "quiet transfer" in Hebron, 2007

Hebron is the only Palestinian city with a Jewish settlement at its heart. To enable a few hundred settlers to move about freely, Israel chose to enforce a formal policy of discrimination...
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Error: A main street in Hebron "closed by mistake", 2007

The main street in Hebron 's commercial area has been closed to Palestinians since 2000. The army closed all the shops and sealed the doors at the entrances to the houses . Six years late...
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Tel Rumeida, Hebron, 2007

In the center of the city of Hebron lies the "Tel Rumeida" neighborhood. In 1986, a new settlement was established at the heart of the neighborhood. The settlers of Tel Rumieda, who known...