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High Court of Justice approves Separation Barrier route near Sheikh Sa’ed in Jerusalem area, seriously infringing the villagers’ human rights

On 15 March 2010, the Israeli High Court of Justice accepted the state's position and held that the village of Sheikh Sa'ed, which is situated on the southeast edge of Jerusalem's city limits, will be

The Seperation Barrier - Statistics

Note: All the data below relate to the barrier's effect following its completion in accordance with the route that the government approved on 30 April 2006. Construction Progress Length (Km) Percentag

Figures on demolition of houses built without permit in East Jerusalem

From 1992-2003, the Jerusalem Municipality demolished 240 Palestinian-owned structures. The following chart breaks down the demolition of structures in East Jerusalem by neighborhood. It also indicate

3 July 2006: Revocation of residency of Hamas members from Jerusalem is illegal

On 30 June 2006, Interior Minister Roni Bar-On revoked the permanent residency and identity cards of Khaled Abu 'Arfeh, who is a minister in the Palestinian Authority, and three members of the Palesti

Figures on comprehensive closure days*

2017 Month No. of comprehensive closure days Jan. 0 Feb. 0 March 4 April 8 May 2 June 0 July 0 Aug. 0 Sept. 6 Oct. 12 Nov. 0 Dec. 0 Total 32 2016 Month No. of comprehensive closure days Jan. 0 Feb. 0

Interior Ministry prevents children of Palestinian residents of Jerusalem from receiving legal status in Israel

Until May 2002, citizens and residents of Israel (including residents of East Jerusalem) married to residents of the Occupied Territories could request a legal status in Israel for their spouse and th

26 October 2009: Police impersonating stone throwers assault Palestinian in East Jerusalem, beating him severely

Update: On 12 August 2010 the MPIU informed B'Tselem that the case had been transferred to be handled on a disciplinary level. On Friday, 9 October 2009, Firas al-Atrash, a resident of Tel Aviv, was a

Security forces tighten siege on Sheikh Sa'ed village

Some two thousand people live in Sheikh Sa'ed, a village situated on the eastern edge of Jerusalem . Israel did not annex the village into Jerusalem in 1967, and it officially remained part of the Wes

21 March 2006: Israeli appeals court voids section of the Separation Barrier in Jerusalem

The Tel-Aviv Magistrate's Court granted the appeal of residents of Sheikh sa'ed, in East Jerusalem , opposing the separation barrier, and cancelled the requisition orders that had been issued to build

Israel plans to imprison five Palestinian villages near Jerusalem in an enclave

Israel plans to run a barrier around five Palestinian villages northwest of Jerusalem , and imprison them in an enclave that will separate them from East Jerusalem and neighboring Palestinian villages