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Separation Barrier strangles al-Walajah

Update : On 11 August 2011, the Israeli High Court of Justice rejected the residents' petition against the proposed route of the Separation Barrier. The court's decision was made in view of several ch

Statistics on Revocation of Residency in East Jerusalem

Year No. of Palestinians whose residency was revoked 2014 107 2013 106 2012 116 2011 101 2010 191 2009 725 2008 4,577 2007 289 2006 1,363 2005 222 2004 16 2003 272 2002 No Data Till End of April 2001

Statistics on demolition of houses built without permits in East Jerusalem

For figures on demolition of houses in the rest of the West Bank click here Demolition of houses in East Jerusalem, 2004-2018, B'Tselem data, updated to 28 Feb. 2018 Year Housing units Of those: Demol

The Separation Barrier

In June 2002, the Israeli cabinet decided to construct the Separation Barrier. The decision was made following a long string of attacks perpetrated by Palestinians against Israelis. The declared objec

Statistics on Land Expropriaion in East Jerusalem

Neighborhood Date of expropriation Amount of land taken (in dunams) Size of neighborhood (in dunams) Number of housing units 2002 Number of residents 2002 French Hill and Mt. Scopus Jan. 8 1968 3,345

East Jerusalem

Israel unlawfully annexed East Jerusalem to its territory. Since then, and despite its incursion upon their home, it has treated the Palestinian residents of the city as unwanted immigrants and worked

Statistics on Building Starts in East Jerusalem

Building starts in Jerusalem 2000-2011 Year Entire City (East & West) Jewish Neighborhoods Palestinian Neighborhoods 2011 2,205 (100%) 1,636 (74.2%) 569 (25.8%) 2010 2,083 (100%) 1,641 (78.7%) 442 (21

East Six Voices - Settlement enclaves in East Jerusalem

The settlement enclaves in East Jerusalem surround the Old City Basin from the south, east, and north, and some of them are positioned on main roads leading to the Old City, enabling control of moveme

In Silwan, like in Tel Aviv, Youth Law not enforced

On 4 February 2011, Ha'aretz published an article on the police's handling of central-region youth suspected of drug use. According to the article, all the minors questioned in the matter, most of who

18 July 2010: In dangerous precedent, Israel revokes residency of four Palestinians affiliated with Hamas from East Jerusalem and acts to forcibly transfer them

According to media reports, Israel is currently taking action to forcibly transfer four Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem from the city because they are members of Hamas. The four persons about