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Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

The report surveys the broad spectrum of issues regarding the Israeli authorities' human rights record in the West Bank and Gaza Strip over the past year, the 44th year of the Israeli occupation. An i

Statistics on Revocation of Residency in East Jerusalem

Year No. of Palestinians whose residency was revoked 2014 107 2013 106 2012 116 2011 101 2010 191 2009 725 2008 4,577 2007 289 2006 1,363 2005 222 2004 16 2003 272 2002 No Data Till End of April 2001

18 July 2010: In dangerous precedent, Israel revokes residency of four Palestinians affiliated with Hamas from East Jerusalem and acts to forcibly transfer them

According to media reports, Israel is currently taking action to forcibly transfer four Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem from the city because they are members of Hamas. The four persons about

Interior Ministry prevents children of Palestinian residents of Jerusalem from receiving legal status in Israel

Until May 2002, citizens and residents of Israel (including residents of East Jerusalem) married to residents of the Occupied Territories could request a legal status in Israel for their spouse and th

30 May 2006: Illegal to revoke residency of members of Hamas from Jerusalem

The Interior Minister, Roni Bar-On, sent letters yesterday to a minister in the Palestinian Authority and to three legislators in the Palestinian Legislative Council, all members of Hamas, informing t

Heartbreaking: Israel’s cruel policy of keeping families apart

Women wait on Palestinian side of Erez Checkpoint to be allowed into Israel. Photo by Muhammad Sabah, B'Tselem, 28 Feb. 2017 It's very hard when you’re denied your most basic right: to meet your child