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Nablus resident Asmaa Zaghlul describes the pain of living apart from her family in Gaza

Asmaa Zaghlul, 30 I met my husband, Amjad Zaghlul, in 2002. We happened to meet at a relative's house during a visit to Jordan. We kept in touch via the Internet and decided to get married. Our weddin

‘Abir Sharaf, 48, lives with her husband in Nablus. She described how hard it is to be separated from her family in Gaza.

‘Abir Sharaf 48 I was born in Gaza City. In 1997 I and married a resident of Nablus. In 1999, I changed the address listed on my ID card from Gaza to Nablus. I visited my family in Gaza regularly, abo

Fatmah Abu 'Issa, 70, lives in Jenin. She related how she much she misses her daughter in Gaza, where she cannot visit her, and tells of her fear that she many never see her again.

Fatmah Abu 'Issa, 70 I have 12 boys and girls. They all live here in Jeninm apart from my daughter Nibal who is 45. She married a man from Gaza and lives there with him. She and her husband, Yusri ‘Ab

Nibal Mghari–native of Jenin; lives in Gaza with husband–sorely feels prolonged separation from her West Bank family

Nibal Mghari, 45 I was born in Jenin. In 1992, I married Yusri ‘Abdallah Mghari, a resident of the Gaza Strip. At the time, he was studying to be a math teacher at a-Najah University, Nablus [in the W

Testimony: Israel prevents Gaza Christian and his Bethlehem fiancée from marrying, December 2009

'Issa Missak, owner of a clothing store I live with my sister in the Tel al-Hawa section of Gaza. For 15 years, I've had a clothing store in the center of the city. I am Christian, and every Christmas

Testimony: Army deports Muhammad Abu Sultan to the Gaza Strip and prohibits him from rejoining his wife and children in Tulkarm, October 2009

Alaa Abu Sultan, 23 I am married and have three children: a son, Riad, who is three, and two daughters, Raja, who is six, and Riwa, who is two years old. In 2001, I married Muhammad Riad Shhadeh Abu S

Testimony: Israel refuses to allow Nihayah Seif to visit her mother her ill mother in Jordan and return to her home in Tulkarm

Nihayah Seif, mother of two I was born in Kuwait . On 20 December 1996, I married '‘Amar Yassin, who is from Tulkarm. We got married and lived in Jordan and I gave birth there to our two children, Mun
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Israel Implements New Permit Regime and Policy of Forcible Transfer of Palestinians from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip

In the past year Israel has escalated its policy of separating the Palestinian populations of the Gaza Strip and West Bank from each other. The separation regime tears families apart, puts thousands a
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B'Tselem: 131 Palestinians who did not participate in the hostilities killed by Israel's security forces in 2007

B'Tselem today releases its year-end report. According to B'Tselem data, the number of Israelis and Palestinians killed in clashes in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip dropped. However, there has been
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Israel violates the right of thousands of Palestinian families to visit detained relatives

Today (Thursday, 26 October) B'Tselem is publishing Barred from Contact, a report describing the difficulties faced by families of Palestinians imprisoned in Israel who want to visit their relatives.