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Press Release

B'Tselem strongly condemns Palestinian rocket attack

B'Tselem reiterates its categorical condemnation of Qassam-rocket attacks by Palestinian organizations from the Gaza Strip aimed at Israeli communities. A rocket attack this morning killed Fatima Slot
Press Release

683 people killed in the conflict in 2006

B'Tselem publishes its 2006 annual statistics. This past year, we witnessed a deterioration in the human rights situation in the Occupied Territories , particularly in the increase in civilians killed
Press Release

B'Tselem: Hamas must renounce war crimes

Following Hamas' victory in the Palestinian Parliamentary elections, B'Tselem calls on Hamas to renounce the policy of suicide bombings, and refrain from all deliberate attacks on civilians, in both I
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B'Tselem: Investigate Excessive Force in 'Amona Demolitions

B'Tselem wrote to Israel 's Attorney General, Menachem Mazuz, asking him to order an investigation into the excessive force used by the Israel Police during the dismantling of the permanent houses in
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B'Tselem Strongly Condemns the Attacks against Israeli Civilians and calls on both sides to avoid further harm to civilians

B'Tselem calls on the Israeli government to refrain from responding in a way that will cause heavy casualties among Palestinian civilians. One of the basic principles of international law is to keep c
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B'Tselem data, one month after the Sharm Summit

B'Tselem has compiled the total number of people killed in Israel and the Occupied Territories since February the 8th 2005, the date of the Sharm el-Sheikh summit. During the month since the announcem
Press Release

In view of mounting violence, B’Tselem expresses its deep shock at contempt for human life and strongly condemns it; while individuals are responsible for their own particular actions, the government bears responsibility for the reality of the Occupation

Emergency personnel at site of this morning’s shooting attack on a bus. Photo by Ronen Zvulun, Reuters, 13 October 2015 The Occupation is now in its 49th year. Recent weeks have seen dozens of horrifi
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B’Tselem’s findings: Harm to civilians significantly higher in second half of Operation Pillar of Defense

Four times as many uninvolved Palestinian civilians were killed in the final four days of the operation as during the first four days After several months of field research and crosschecking data, hum
Press Release

Demolishing homes of suspects in abduction and killing of the three yeshiva students harms innocents. House demolition policy fundamentally unacceptable and unproven to be effective

Boy trying to recover items from his home, demolished as a punitive measure in Bethlehem. Photo: Magnus Johansson, Reuters, 15 June 2004 On the night between Sunday and Monday, 18 August 2014, the mil
Press Release

B'Tselem strongly condemns the abduction and killing of the three Yeshiva students

B'Tselem strongly condemns the abduction and killing of the three Yeshiva students, Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaar, and Eyal Yifrah, and offers its condolences to the families. Deliberate targeting of