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Figures on comprehensive closure days*

2017 Month No. of comprehensive closure days Jan. 0 Feb. 0 March 4 April 8 May 2 June 0 July 0 Aug. 0 Sept. 6 Oct. 12 Nov. 0 Dec. 0 Total 32 2016 Month No. of comprehensive closure days Jan. 0 Feb. 0

Military Police investigating suspicion that soldiers severely abused Palestinian workers, following B'Tselem's report

Update: The MAG Corps informed B'Tselem that in May 2013 the investigation of Salman Zagharneh's had not yet been completed. With regard to the investigation of Muhammad Eqneibi's case, on 1 January 2

29 Oct. '09: Suspicion: soldiers shot to death a Palestinian driver who did not endanger their lives

Update: On 12 September 2010, the MAG Corps informed B’Tselem that is would not launch an investigation of the incident, explaining that at the time of the incident a-Tawil was driving Palestinians wh

International Workers’ Day: The most invisible workers in Israel

Photo by Ron Amir, 2012, from a series depicting the lives of Palestinians working in Israel. The persons photographs are unrelated to the witnesses. A couple of week ago we spoke with a number of Pal

Intl. Workers' Day: No cause for celebration for Palestinians working in Israel

Eyal Checkpoint. Photo: ‘Abd al-Karim Sa’adi, B'Tselem, 2 June 2013 Tomorrow, 1 May, marks International Workers’ Day. For Palestinian workers, there is not much cause for celebration: the day is a pa

Video: Harsh conditions persist at checkpoints where Palestinian laborers enter Israel

In early June 2013, B'Tselem field researchers documented conditions at Tarqumya Checkpoint in the southern West Bank and at Eyal Crossing in the northern West Bank, both of which serve as entry point

Soldier convicted of negligent homicide of ‘Udai Darawish, a Palestinian entering Israel through gap in Separation Barrier

Update: On 17 June 2013 the MAG Corps wrote that the soldier who shot Darawish was given a seven-month prison sentence, a suspended prison sentence and was demoted to sergeant. For the full verdict (i

State Attorney's Office rejects B'Tselem's appeal re: closing investigation of killing of Hassan a-Taber

Hassan a-Taber, his wife and son. Photo courtesy of the family. Hassan a-Taber, 47, of Beitillu, was killed on 29 July 2012 when police officers and a security guard at a-Za’ayem Checkpoint near Jerus

Oct.-Nov. 2013: Soldiers shoot and wound Palestinians trying to enter Israel without work permits

Palestinian workers run through gap in Separation Barrier, southern West Bank. Photo: ‘Ammar ‘Awad, Reuters, 6 July 2013. Click on photo to enlarge An estimated 15,000 to 30,000 Palestinians routinely

International Workers’ Day: On the right to earn a living with dignity

International Workers’ Day, marked on 1 May, commemorates the historic struggle for the basic right to an eight-hour limit to the workday. More than a century after that goal was achieved, Palestinian