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Settlement wastewater pollutes Palestinian lands, 2009

The West Bank town of Salfit has suffered for years from wastewater channeled its way from the Ariel settlement, as depicted in the video. This case is not unusual in the West Bank: as de...
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Southern Hebron Hills: Settler Violence and Army Harassment, 2005

The life of residents of the caves in the Southern Hebron Hills in the shadow of settler violence and army abuse.
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Palestinians suffer a water shortage while water is plentiful in settlement , 2007

The Bidu-Qatanna village bloc, in Ramallah District, suffers from a severe water shortage, as do many other areas in the Occupied Territories . Mekorot, the Israeli water company, supplie...
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Summer 2016 - Israel cut back on the already inadequate water supply to Palestinians

In early June 2016, during the fast of Ramadan, Mekorot – Israel’s national water company – scaled down the amount of water it supplies to several Palestinian communities in the northern ...

Maryam Abu Yusef from a-Nuseirat R.C. describes coping with power and water shortages in Gaza

Maryam Abu Yusef at the family grocery store. Photo: Khaled al-'Azayzeh, B'Tselem, 13 August 2017 We’ve been suffering water and power outages for years. There was a long period when we used to receiv

Testimony: Life without running water in the Jordan Valley, suffer from severe water shortage, April 2011

Testimony of Meyasar Masa’ed, 56 I married in 1969 and went to live in Khirbet Yarza in the Jordan Valley. We’ve lived ever since. We also have a house in Tubas where our sons live, and we use it for

Testimony: Farmers in al-‘Uja can’t work their land due to dried-up spring, September 2010

Hussein Muhammad Hassan Sa'eydeh I am a Beduin from al-Jiftlik. I’m a member of the Sa’eydeh tribe. In 1930, my family settled in a-Zur, on the western banks of the Jordan River, where they grazed the

Testimony: Gaza Strip resident relates her family's difficulties due to polluted water, April 2010

Su'ad Kasab, 52, mother of four I live with my husband and our four children - Ashraf, 22, Faten, 18, Dunia, 15, and Halimah, 14 - in a three-room house in the a-Shati' neighborhood in the northwest s

Testimony: Aminah Jabarin has trouble running her household because of water shortage, May 2008

Aminah Jabarin , mother of nine I am a homemaker and have nine children. I take care of their studies, food, clothes, and cleanliness. I take special care of the small children. They play with friends

Testimony: The Bani 'Odeh family lives without running water in, Tammun, May 2008

Firyal Bani 'Odeh, 48/> I was born in Tammun and live here with my husband and eight of our twelve children. My husband built our house about 28 years ago, when he had a good job. The house has two fl