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Surda Checkpoint: IDF soldiers assault ambulance driver, May 203

Talal 'Ida, ambulance driver, age 45, resident of Dir 'Amar, Ramallah District Yesterday morning [May 20], two ambulances went to the hospital in Ramallah. Osama Najar drove one of them. He took a pre

Soldier testimony: "Someone can prevent a humanitarian case from passing through because of their ideology," May 2003

G. S., Lieutenant, Infantry Reserves In cases where you tell the owner of a car that he cannot pass through a checkpoint and he tries to do so more than once, sometimes he is "left out to dry" for sev

Nablus: Border Police officers beat medical personel, preventing medical treatment, January 2003

Bilal Hafnawi, age 16, resident of the Balata refugee camp Nablus I live with my family in the Balata refugee camp. I go to the Qadri Tuqan high school, which is near Joseph's tomb, on Faisal Street i

IDF soldiers harass and beat Red Crescent paramedic at Hamra Checkpoint, Janaury 2003

Hassan Ramadan, age31, Red Crescent volunteer I have been a volunteering with the Red Crescent for more than three years now. I am a member of the Young Volunteers Committee. I passed a Red Crescent f

IDF soldiers harrass and beat Red Crescent paramedic at Hamra Checkpoint, Janaury, 2003

Muhamad Mer'i, victim, aged 35, paramedic At the Taninim checkpoint, the soldiers checked our papers, searched the ambulance and let us through. We got to the Hamra checkpoint where there were many ca

Separation Barrier isolates the Zeid Family Home from their village, January 2002

Na'il Zeid, age 32 , resident of Tura a-Sharqiya, Jenin District. I live in a house that was built in 1962 on an 18-dunum plot of land. The land belongs to the Tura a-Sharqiya village, but is located

IDF soldiers demand ride in Palestinian ambulance to the 'Asqar Refugee Camp, December 2002

Muhammad a-Saqqa, ambulance driver On Friday, 13 December, 2002, at around 2:30 P.M., the nurse 'Abdallah 'Abd a-Rahman Abu 'Ayash and I, left the national hospital in Nablus in an ambulance. We were

Hebron: Border Police officers attack and delay Red Crescent ambulance crew, November 2002

Sa'id al-Khatib, delayed paramedic On Sudnay, November 17, 2002, at around 3:00 P.M., the clerk in charge at the Red Crescent headquarters in Hebron received a call regarding a pregnant woman who had

Ramallah: IDF soldiers beat ambulance driver Emil a-Rimawi, November 2002

Emil a-Rimawi, ambulance driver, age 41 I am a resident of Beit Rima and work as an ambulance driver. On Saturday, 16 November, I was at the government hospital in Ramallah. At about noon, I received

IDF use Samir Abu 'Amra and Ahmad Abu 'Amra as human shields, August 2002

Samir Abu 'Amra, victim, age 28 I live in a three-room apartment on top of my parents' home. My apartment is made out of tin. The house is about three hundred meters west of the Kfar Darom settlement.