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Muhammad Hamad, 75, resident of Beit Hanun, relates how bombing killed his family members in their yard

In the evening, especially during Ramadan, we usually sit outside near the entrance to our house. We have two sofas there. On Tuesday evening, 8 July 2014, I was sitting there as usual with my wife, R

'Abd a-Rahman Abu Rajelah, a farmer from the Gaza Strip, describes the effect of the military's shooting near the perimeter fence on his family's livelihood

'Abd a-Rahman Abu Rajelah, 61 My brothers and I own 10 dunams [1 hectare] of land in eastern Khuza'a. Two dunams [0.2 hectares] are forty meters away from the fence, two are about 250 meters away, and

Testimony: Living in Gaza in the shadow of hostilities: Amani Nawajha, 30, eight-months pregnant and mother of toddler

I am eight months pregnant. We – my husband, Ayman Muhammad al-Jabali, 40, my two-and-a-half year old daughter Rama and I – live in an apartment building in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood. Since the fig

Testimony: Iyad Abu Khusah, a year-and-a-half-year old toddler, killed in bombing while playing in yard of his al-Bureij home with two 4-year-old cousins, both injured

Sarah Abu Khusah, 65 I live with my four sons and their families in a residential compound east of al-Bureij refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. My house is in the eastern part of the al-Bureij refugee ca

Testimony: Samaher Qdeih, 28, was killed in her yard in an air strike. She is survived by a two-month-old infant daughter, 17 November 2012

Naji 'Awad Qdeih, 50 I am married to two women and I live in the a-Sheikh a-Radwan neighborhood in the village of Khuza’ah, east of the city of Khan Yunis. There are two apartments in my house. My fir

'Awad a-Nahal was killed in a bombing near his home in Rafah while trying to aid a wounded man, 17 Nov. 2012

A B’Tselem inquiry shows that on the morning of 17 November 2012, an Israeli attack targeted three armed men in Rafah. Two of them were killed on the spot and a third was wounded. Shortly afterwards,

Testimony: Living under fire in Beit Lahiya: Sanaa Z’anin, mother of three

Sanaa Z’anin, mother of three I live in the center of Beit Lahiya with my three children, a son who is 5 years old, a daughter, 6 years old, and a son who is 9 years old, and my husband Saber Z’anin.

Testimony: Living in Gaza in the shadow of hostilities - the Shahin family, Gaza City

Fathi Shahin, 61 I live in central Gaza City with my wife and my daughter and her two small children, ages six and three. Her husband lives abroad. Since the start of the attack on Gaza on 14 November

Testimony: Najwa Abu Daqah, a 50 year-old woman wounded in Khan Yunis by Israeli bombing

Jihad Abu Daqah, 24 I live with my family in a two-story house in the Abu Daqah neighborhood, in Abasan al-Jadidah in the Khan Yunis district. I live on the second floor with my parents, my unmarried

Testimonies of young people from Kibbutz Zikim on rocket damage at the kibbutz, 2006

* The testimonies were taken by Noam Raz on 17 Nov. '12, at Kibbutz Gan Shmuel in central Israel, to which young people from the Shikma School were moved for the duration of the Pillar of Defense camp