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Video: Soldier executes Palestinian lying injured on ground after the latter stabbed a soldier in Hebron

Update: On 18 April 2016 the soldier who shot ‘Abd al-Fatah a-Sharif was indicted on charges of manslaughter and misconduct. On 9 May 2016 his trial began at the Jaffa Military Court. On...
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Military's law enforcement system as whitewash: Killing of Lubna al-Hanash

Killing of Lubna al-Hanash, 21, near al-‘Arrub Refugee Camp in Hebron District, 23 January 2013 The incident On 23 January 2013, Lubna al-Hanash and a relative, Sou’ad Ja’rah, were st...
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Contrary to facts and regulations: MAG Corps finds that soldier who killed Mustafa Tamimi acted lawfully

On 15 February 2016, Chief Military Prosecutor Col. Sharon Zagagi-Pinhas informed B’Tselem that its appeal against the closing of the investigation into the killing of Mustafa Tamimi had ...
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Extrajudicial killing at Tomb of Patriarchs: Israeli Border Police officer shoots and kills Sarah Hajuj though she no longer poses threat

On Friday, 1 July 2016, an Israeli Border Police officer shot and killed Sarah Hajuj, 27-year-old Palestinian from Bani Na’im, Hebron District, at a checkpoint located in the Ibrahimi Mos...
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During raid on al-Fawwar: Military sniper shot a Palestinian man standing on his rooftop 4 times, injuring his hand and legs

A military sniper severely wounded 22-year-old Palestinian Muhammad al-‘Amsi with live 0.22 inch caliber bullets (used in Ruger sniper rifles  and known as Two-Two bullets). Al-‘Amsi was ...
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Getting off scot-free: Bahaa Islim’s story

In June 2004 soldiers fired at the Islim home, killing Maher, 17, and wounding Bahaa, 15, and their father. Bahaa lost an eye and underwent many PA-funded operations in Jordan. But the fa...
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Getting off scot-free: Basmah Mansur’s story

In Feb. 2004 Basmah Mansur, a mother of 10, was hit at home by soldiers’ gunfire. After regaining consciousness, she could not do even the simplest tasks unaided. She has been dependent o...
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Getting off scot-free: ‘Ata Sabah’s story

In May 2013 soldiers fired at ‘Ata Sabah, 12, near his school. He was left paralyzed from the waist down. His family has had to pay for nearly all his medical care because Israel has mana...
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Six days of unjustified detention, with full backing by the military and the courts: As usual, no one will have to answer for it

On Friday, 10 February 2017, at about 4:00 P.M., some twenty to thirty young people and families with children, all residents of the village of Madama, which is located south of Nablus, w...
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Israeli sniper fatally shoots 22-year-old Palestinian who posed no danger at a-Nabi Saleh weekly protest

On Friday, 12 May 2017, at about 2:15 P.M., during the weekly demonstration at the Palestinian village of a-Nabi Saleh in the West Bank, an Israeli sniper fired a live 0.22-inch caliber b...