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Press Release

The Ofra settlement is an illegal outpost

Almost 60% of the settlement is built on land registered to Palestinians The Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem today (Monday, 22nd December) publishes a report concluding that the legal statu
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Petition to the High Court of Justice: Immediately halt construction on 9 houses in Ofra settlement

Five Palestinian landowners and human rights organizations Yesh Din and B'Tselem claim in first petition of its kind: Ofra is an illegal outpost built mostly on private land Human rights organizations
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B'Tselem: 131 Palestinians who did not participate in the hostilities killed by Israel's security forces in 2007

B'Tselem today releases its year-end report. According to B'Tselem data, the number of Israelis and Palestinians killed in clashes in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip dropped. However, there has been
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New B'Tselem and Bimkom report: Barrier Route was Planned to Enable Settlement Expansion

The expansion of settlements in the West Bank has been a primary consideration in setting the route of many sections of the Separation Barrier. This is the conclusion of a report released today by B'T
Press Release

Land Grab: Israel's Settlement Policy in the West Bank

B'Tselem releases new report: Settlements are built on 1.7% of West Bank land and control 41.9% Today, B'Tselem hosted a press conference to release its new report, Land Grab: Israel's Settlement Poli
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Expulsion of Residents of South Mt. Hebron

B'Tselem Publishes Case Study: "Expulsion of Palestinian Residents from the Area of South Mt. Hebron, October-November 1999" For more than three months, some 700 Palestinians, among them hundreds of c
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B'Tselem marks twentieth anniversary with a heavy heart: almost 8900 Israelis and Palestinians killed in the conflict

Today (Sunday, Nov 22nd), Israeli human rights group B'Tselem commemorates 20 years since its founding with release of data collected by the organization from 1989-2009. This period includes many of t
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Unbridled theft masquerading as “restrained construction”

The new “construction policy” presented by the prime minister to security cabinet members yesterday means the continued oppression of Palestinians, settlement expansion, and breach of international la
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New interactive documentary by B’Tselem offers virtual tour behind the invisible walls of occupation

Today, B’Tselem released a new interactive documentary entitled “ The Invisible Walls of Occupation ”. Viewers are invited on a virtual tour of the Palestinian village of Burqah, a rural suburb of the
Press Release

B'Tselem's response to Regulation Bill: a semblance of legality to ongoing plunder

The law passed by the Knesset today proves yet again that Israel has no intention of ending its control over the Palestinians or its theft of their land. Lending a semblance of legality to this ongoin