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Press Release

Expel and Exploit: A new B’Tselem report surveys the Israeli practice of taking over rural Palestinian land

About two weeks ago, Israel’s Ministerial Committee for Legislative Affairs approved the Regulation Bill, which is meant to retroactively grant legitimacy to dispossessing Palestinians of land, includ
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B’Tselem Executive Director, Hagai El-Ad, to lay out the reality of the occupation in a special discussion about settlements at the United Nations Security Council

B’Tselem Executive Director, Hagai El-Ad, will review the current state of affairs in the OPT in a special meeting about construction in the settlements, before a forum that includes all 15 Security C
Press Release

B'Tselem field researcher Nasser Nawaj’ah released after six day arrest

Judge finds that authorities failed to produce sufficient evidence that Nawaj’ah endangered a land dealer Ofer Military Court yesterday (Jan. 24, 2016) ordered the release of B'Tselem field researcher
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Day after partially opening it, military closes Beitin-Ramallah road. Reason provided: Palestinian drivers did not obey stop sign erected to favor settler traffic

Repaved Beitin Road, closed to Palestinian traffic. Photo: Iyad Haddad, B'Tselem 26.5.2015 In the last few days, the Israeli authorities completed the reopening of the road that connects Palestinian v
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Minister of Defense not content with moving Palestinians to the back of the bus, means to keep them off entirely

Woman getting off a bus serving Palestinians only, Eyal Checkpoint. Photo: Baz Ratner, Reuters, 4 March 2013 In response to reports that Israeli Minster of Defense Moshe Ya’alon intends to yield to th
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Settler demand to keep Arabs off buses no surprise in light of the two separate legal systems for settlers and Palestinians in the Occupied Territories

Woman getting off a bus serving Palestinians only, Eyal Checkpoint. Photo: Baz Ratner, Reuters, 4 March 2013 Now that the Israeli prime minister has instructed the Minister of Defense to freeze the pi
Press Release

Civil Administration maps Susiya – residents fear imminent demolition

Photos: The CA representative and soldiers near one of the village's structures. Photo credit: Nasser Nawaj'a, B'Tselem A Civil Administration representative accompanied by soldiers arrived this morni
Press Release

HCJ to state: Demolish nine structures in the settlement of Ofra

Israel’s High Court orders state to carry out demolition orders issued for nine structures in the settlement of Ofra, despite state objection. Court: Denying the petition would have sanctioned severe
Press Release

B’Tselem: Israel wants to have its cake and eat it too when it comes to Geneva Convention

The village Um al-‘Kheir, in the Southern Hebron Hills, with the Carmel settlement in the background. Photo: Keren Manor,, 10 March 2011. Israeli authorities blatantly breach the Conv
Press Release

New B'Tselem report: movement and planning restrictions turned Burqah into a derelict, crowded and backward village

B'Tselem publishes today (Wed. 29.10.2014) a new report, The Invisible Walls of Occupation. The report examines the general effect of the occupation on one village, Burqah, which lies around three km.