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Testimony: Settler assaults members of Shhadeh family while they are picking olives, Beit Furik, 27 September 2006

Kholud Shhadeh, 32 /> On Wednesday, 27 September 2008, I was picking olives in my family's grove along with my mother, who is 55 years old, my brother's wife Shirin,who is 22, and my brother's childre

Family becomes unemployed after the army denies them permits to cross the separation barrier to work their land, November 2005

'Itaf Khaled, 57 I am fifty-seven years old and married. My husband and I have five sons and one daughter. We have twenty-two dunams of farmland, all of which is situated west of the separation fence.

Settler Girls assault Palestinian during olive harvest and rip sacks of olives, Sinjil, November 2005

Kamal Shabaneh, father of five In late September, there was a meeting of farmers from Sinjil, Turmusaya, al-Mughayir , al-Janiya, Ras Karkar, Ein Yabrud, 'Atara, and other villages, and the Israeli li

Settler assaults Khalil Jaber in an olive grove near Yanun, November 2005

Khalil Jaber, farmer I am forty-five years old, live in Yanun, and am a farmer. This morning [10 November 2005], my son Firas, 24, and I were picking olives and grazing our flock north of the village,

Restrictions on residents of a-Dab'a due to the Separation Barrier, Qalqiliya District, July 2005

'Abd a-Latif 'Odeh, farmer My family has lived in the village of a-Dab'a for generations. The village is east of Ras 'Atiya, south of Hirbet a-Slaman, north of 'Isla and west of 'Kafr Thulth. It is ap

Restrictions on Ras a-Tira following construction of the Separation Barrier, Qalailiya District, July 2005

Yasin Mara'abeh, father of ten I live in the village of Ras a-Tira which has approximately 400-420 residents. The village is north-east of the city of Qalqiliya and 700 meters south of the Alfei Menas

The Separation Barrier harms the livelihood of the Kataneh family from Qaffin

Ibrahim Kataneh, farmer I live in Qaffin. I have eight brothers and sisters, and we own several fields that we inherited from my father. We are all married and have children. We have farmland in three

Settlers Take Control over Land in Tuqu', Beat Palestinians and Open Fire, February 2004

Taysir Abu Mifrah, Age 43 I live in Tuqu', which is situated about twelve kilometers as the crow flies east of Bethlehem. About 8,500 people live in the village. Jinata and Harmala border the village

Separation Barrier isolates the Zeid Family Home from their village, January 2002

Na'il Zeid, age 32 , resident of Tura a-Sharqiya, Jenin District. I live in a house that was built in 1962 on an 18-dunum plot of land. The land belongs to the Tura a-Sharqiya village, but is located

Settler shoots at olive harvesters from Bani Na'im, October 2002

Muhammad al-Manasreh, farmer I live in Bani Na'im, a village located six kilometers east of Hebron. My family has a 500 dunum tract of land in the al-Hajuj valley. The valley is just to the north of t