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Daily attacks by settlers on the Abu Armila family, Hebron

Fawzi Abu Armila, 53 I've been living in the same house for the past thirty-two years. The settlement of Givat Haharsina is located five meters from the house. The road leading to our house is blocked

Daily attacks by settlers on the Abu 'Ayesha family, Tel Rumeida, Hebron

Taysir Abu 'Ayesha, merchant I live with my wife and our seven children. Our eldest daughter, Raja, is seventeen. We live on the first floor in a house that lies close to the Ramat Yishai settlement i

Impossible life in Tel Rumeida Hebron, December 2006

Bahija Sharabati, mother of six I live with my husband and our six children in Tel Rumeida. We have a three-room apartment with bathroom and kitchen. The apartment is in a big house, and the apartment

A family forced to leave her house in H2 area in Hebron

Na'imah Ahmad, 55 I live with my husband and five of my children in a rented place on Ras a-Jura, in H-1. We pay rent of 1,300 Jordanian dinars a years. Two of my daughters study at university. My son

Patient died when soldiers blocked the direct route to hospital, Nablus, Dec. 2006

'Adnan a-Shtiyeh, taxi driver I am a taxi driver. I run the route between our village and Nablus . Yesterday (Tuesday, 12 December), around 1:30 P.M., I got to the area known as al-Muhalal, about one

An amusement park in Al-Badhan next to Nablus was closed following restrictions of movement imposed by the IDF, Nov. 2006

Baslan Al-Fares, owner of an amusement park My cousin, 'Abd a-Salam al-Fares, and I own an amusement park called "Alshalalat", on road 57, the main road between Nablus and Al-Badhan. Until the second

Border police arbitrarily delay traffic at the Container Checkpoint and beat a man for stepping out of his car, November 2006

Samir al-Harb, 40 I am originally from Iskaka village in the Salfit district, but since 1999 I have been living with my wife and children in Ramallah. Since I moved to live in Ramallah, I have visited

Al-Khalayleh neighborhood disconnected from the village, al-Jib, November 2006

Muhammad Alkamr, resident of al-Khalayleh neighborhood In 1979 I bought a piece of land in al-Khalayleh neighborhood in al-Jib. I built a house there and my family and I have been living there since t

Sick infant dies after being delayed by soldiers at checkpoint while on way to hospital. November 2006

Rabi'ah Dababseh, 39 I live in a-Nassariyah. On November 4, 2006, my sister in law, Sahar, had a delivered a baby boy by Caesarean section in al-Itihad hospital in Nablus . The baby was born in poor h

Israeli soldier beats Shadi Shatareh at Jit Checkpoint, 9 November 2006

Shadi Shatareh, I am twenty-four years old and live in the Askar refugee camp. A week ago, I started to work in book binding at the Immanuel settlement, which is near Qalqiliya. This morning (Thursday