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Testimony: Member of security forces threatens to jail 13-year-old girl who touched the Separation Barrier, Nu'man, 6 January 08

Hiba a-Dar'awi, 13 I live with my family in Nu'man and am in the seventh grade at the school in al-Khas. Every morning I walk from Nu'man to al-Khas and go through the checkpoint at the entrance to th

Testimony: ISA prevents Gazan heart patient who refused to collaborate from entering Israel for treatment, Nov. 2007

Sha'ban'Obeid, heart Patient I had a heart attack in September 2005. I was taken to al-Aqsa Hospital , in Deir al-Balah, and then to a-Shifa Hospital , in Gaza . Because I did not regain consciousness

Testimony: Israel denies 21-year-old cancer patient medical treatment, Nov. 07

Na'el al-Kurdi, 21 I live with my parents and four brothers in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City . In mid-January 2006, I started to feel sharp abdominal pains and my right testicle became s

Testimony: Gazan is delayed access to hospital in Israel

Bassam Abu 'Ataya, ambulance driver I have been an ambulance driver for the Palestinian Ministry of Health since 2000. I transport patients and wounded persons inside the Gaza Strip, and also take to

Testimony: Gazan is delayed access to hospital in Israel and dies at Erez

'Adnan Shheiber, driver I live with my wife and our eight children in a-Sabra. My father and brothers live in the same neighborhood. On Saturday, 20 October, my father didn't feel well and we took him

Testimony: Israel prevents cancer patient, 21, from entering Israel to receive urgent medical treatment, Oct 2007

Hani Abu Taha, laborer My family and I live in the Rafah refugee camp. In the middle of August, my brother, Mahmoud, 21, began to feel severe stomach and intestinal pains. We immediately took him to N

Testimony: Israel 's siege on Gaza forces the al-Qishawi family into poverty, Oct. 07

Jamal al-Qishawi, unemployed building contractor My wife and I live in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City with our three daughters: '‘Ayesha, 16, Hanin, 11, and Shahed, 8. I worked in constru

Testimony: Gazan construction worker unemployed because of the shortage of building materials in the Gaza Strip, Oct. 2007

Mahmoud al-Basili, unemployed construction worker I am married and have four minor children. Until June 2007, I worked in construction and earned 50 shekels a day. As of June 2006, Israel started clos

Testimony: Students from Tel 'Adasah, near Bir Nabala, can't attned school because of the Separation Barrier, Sept. 2007

Amir K'abneh, 13 I have lived my whole life with my family in Tel '‘Adasah, which is located east of Bir Nabala. I have always gone to the Bir Nabala School for Boys. My two sisters, Zeinab, who is in

Testimony: Cancer patient dies after soldiers at a Checkpoint refuse to let him cross to get to hospital, 15 September 2007

'Abd a-Fatah Yunis, merchant Two days ago [15 September] at around 11:25 in the morning, my brother and I arrived at the Jabareh checkpoint on our way to al-Matl'a Hospital , in Jerusalem . My brother