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Night vigils at Tarqumya checkpoint, 2007

In late 2007, Israel closed the Jaba' and Husan crossings to Palestinian workers, leaving only three crossings for their use: Tarqumya Checkpoint, Checkpoint 300, located north of Bethleh...
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Restrictions on fishing

In the Interim Agreement, signed by Israel and the PLO as part of the Oslo Accords, Israel undertook to allow fishing boats from Gaza to go some 20 nautical miles (about 37 kilometers) fr...
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Long Way Home, 2007

Four years ago, settler violence forced Naziha Zahadeh to move out of her house in Hebron 's old city. When she wanted to return, she was told that the house was located in a closed milit...
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24.9.07: High Court orders state to reconsider freeze on family unification in the West Bank and Gaza

The State of Israel will inform its High Court of Justice within sixty days if it will change its policy on family unification in the West Bank and Gaza . Currently, the authorities do no...
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Amal al-'Amleh has been separated from her children for four years, 2006

In 1995, Muhammad and Amal married and made their home in Beit Ula, Hebron District. In may 2002, Amal went to visit her ill father in Jordan . For four years she has been unable to retur...
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Abd al-Karim Khaled waited four months for a permit to get to his greenhouses, 2006

Greenhouses owned by Abed-el Carim Kahaled were neglected for four months, until he received a permit to go through the gate in the barrier. As a result, the crop was 50% of its size in p...
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'Abd a-Latif 'Odeh Must Go 22 Kilometers to Reach Farmland Next to His House, 2005

The farmland of 'Abd a-Latif 'Odeh, of D'aba Village, lies adjacent to his home. The separation barrier was built between his home and his parcel of farmland. To get from one to the other...
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Dharifah Shareb Waits Next to Locked Gate, 2005

The house of Dharifa Shareb was once part of Jayyus Village . The separation barrier surrounds her house on all sides. To go to and from their home, she and her family must pass through a...
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Israeli soldiers violently remove Palestinian teens from Hebron street to enable settler march

On 29 May 2017 Israeli soldiers ordered the closing of a grocery shop in the Palestinian neighborhood of Jaber, Hebron, for the benefit of a belligerent  parade by settlers. A B’Tselem vo...
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Border Police officer detains Palestinian for “looking in a suspicious way”, 27 July 2017

On the evening of Thursday, 27 July 2017, Nael al-Fakhuri was sitting with his neighbors outside his home, behind the segregation fence that the Israeli military built in the a-Salaimeh n...