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Testimony: Teacher from Jordan Valley tells of daily delays at a checkpoint on his way to and from school in Northern West Bank, April 2011

Khairi Suaftah, Teacher I live in Bardala. I have a bachelor’s degree in political science from al-Quds Open University in Tubas. After I completed my studies, I took a job as a teacher at the school

Testimony: Israel restricts Manal a-Daqa's access to her land on the other side of the Separation Barrier, Tulkarm area, April 2010

Manal a-Daqa, farmer My husband and I had 28 dunams of olive and almond groves that he inherited from his father. When Israel built the Separation Barrier in 2002-2003, it expropriated seven dunams of

Testimony: Siege prevents reconstruction of schoolhouse partially destroyed in Operation Cast Lead, February 2010

Saed a-Sultan, principal In August 2009 I became the principal of the Abu J'afer al-Mansur Elementary and Middle School for Boys, which is comprised of grades six to nine. The school was built in 1994

Testimony: Israel arrests wounded man at Erez Crossing, Nov. '09

Samir 'Asfur, 52 My son Ahmad, 19, was injured on 9 January 2009 by fragments of missiles that were fired by an unmanned aerial vehicle and landed next to our house, east of Khan Yunis, in New ‘Abasan

Testimony: ‘Imad a-Natur, 17, works in tunnels in the Gaza Strip to support his family, November 2009

'Imad a-Natur, 17 I am 17 and live with my parents and my seven younger siblings in a three-room apartment in the Brazil neighborhood in southeast section of Rafah. My father has high blood pressure a

Testimony: Israel prevents Gaza Christian and his Bethlehem fiancée from marrying, December 2009

'Issa Missak, owner of a clothing store I live with my sister in the Tel al-Hawa section of Gaza. For 15 years, I've had a clothing store in the center of the city. I am Christian, and every Christmas

Testimony: Young girl dies in Gaza after waiting two months for a permit to enter Israel for treatment

Amal Heji, 38 My brother's daughter, Fidaa Talal Salim Heji, began to suffer from health problems around March 2007, when she was fifteen. Among other things, she lost a lot of weight, about twenty ki

Testimony: Young woman from Gaza unemployed for two years, since the factory in which she worked closed down due to the siege, November 2009

Ulfat al-Kafarneh, 28 I live with my parents, six sisters, and three brothers in the a-Nasser neighborhood of Gaza City. In 1999, I graduated from high school and started studying administration, comp

Testimony: Israel expels university student from Bethlehem to Gaza two months before she completes studies for a degree, October 2009

Berlanti ‘Azzam, Student Since I completed high school, I wanted to study at Bethlehem University because I heard it was a good university with a high academic level. In 2005, I was accepted as a busi

Testimony: Army deports Muhammad Abu Sultan to the Gaza Strip and prohibits him from rejoining his wife and children in Tulkarm, October 2009

Alaa Abu Sultan, 23 I am married and have three children: a son, Riad, who is three, and two daughters, Raja, who is six, and Riwa, who is two years old. In 2001, I married Muhammad Riad Shhadeh Abu S