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Press Release

State to announce decision in investigation of killing of Samir ‘Awad by mid-April. B’Tselem criticizes state’s contempt of HCJ ruling and foot-dragging in case

On 25 March 2015, Israel’s High Court of Justice (HCJ) reiterated its ruling that by mid-April 2015 the State Attorney’s Office must announce its decision in the case of the killing of Samir ‘Awad. Th
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ICC jurisdiction cannot be denied based on Israel’s façade of investigation

In response to the publication in Israeli daily Ha’aretz that Israel would be entering into a dialogue with the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in the Hague (ICC) in order to clarify it
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B'Tselem: not holding out hope that investigations into Gaza hostilities will lead to results other than whitewash

In response to the MAG corps announcement detailing some of the investigations opened into "exceptional" cases during operation Protective Edge, Israeli human rights group B'Tselem stated that based o
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Reopen investigation into the killing of Majedah and Rayah Abu Hajaj in operation Cast Lead

Update: The soldier initially charged with killing Majedah and Rayah Abu Hajaj, a charge later converted to "manslaughter of an unidentified individual", was convicted in a plea bargain of two lesser
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Operation Cast Lead, three years on: Abject failure of the military's internal investigation mechanism

Most of B'Tselem's complaints have led to no outcome Three years after operation Cast Lead, the Israeli military's argument against independent investigation of its conduct during Operation Cast Lead
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Army closes investigation into the killing of 21 members of the a-Samuni family in Gaza

The MAG (Military Advocate's General) Corps informed B'Tselem today that it has closed the Military Police investigation file in the complaint submitted by B'Tselem into the killing of 21 members of t
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B’Tselem reviews 2013: 5-year high in number of Palestinian fatalities in West Bank

No progress made in investigation of most of this year’s fatalities Palestinian fatalities: Three times as many people were killed in the West Bank in 2013 as were in 2012. This calculation is based o
Press Release

Bassem Abu Rahmeh’s mother asks High Court of Justice to end procrastination in investigation of son’s death

The Bil’in resident whose story was featured in the film Five Broken Cameras was killed in April 2009, but the investigation into his death has still not been completed The mother of a resident of the
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Six months after Turkel second report published, time to implement recommendations

In a new position paper, B’Tselem outlines the potential of the Turkel Commission recommendations and their limitations In early February 2013, the Turkel Commission – appointed following the Israeli
Press Release

Border Policeman sentenced to 75 days community service for attacking 13-year-old Hebron boy

Last month, the Jerusalem Magistrate Court handed down a sentence for a Border policeman convicted of attacking a Palestinian child in Hebron nearly four years ago: a 75-day prison sentence to be fulf