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Press Release

Shooting at the car carrying Mahmoud Badran was deliberate, entirely unjustified and a direct result of military policy

Boys returning from night out at the pool become target of fatal shooting Late night on Tuesday, 21 June 2016, soldiers shot and killed Mahmoud Badran, a 15-year-old from Beit Ur a-Tahta and wounded f
Press Release

50 Days: More than 500 Children: Facts and figures on fatalities in Gaza, Summer 2014

The figures were corrected on 19 Sept. 2016, based on new research. 1391, or 63%, of the 2,202 Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces in Operation "Protective Edge" did not take part in the ho
Press Release

Decision Makers Who Led to Unprecedented Killing in Gaza Were Not Even Questioned

New B'Tselem Report Summarizes Two Years of Whitewashed Investigations into Operation Protective Edge: The Israeli bodies responsible for investigating the events of Operation Protective Edge are enga
Press Release

Israel effectively bars compensation to Palestinians: Claims for damages down 95%

Over the past twenty years, Israel has taken measures to guarantee a nearly blanket exemption from its obligation under international law to pay compensation to Palestinians harmed by its security for
Press Release

B’Tselem investigation: No justification for multiple bullets that killed Hadil al-Hashlamun in Hebron

Update: On 12 October 2015 B’Tselem contacted the MAG Corps demanding it order an MPIU investigation. On 17 May 2016, the MAG Corps informed B’Tselem it had not received its communication. According t
Press Release

“I heard him load his gun and felt it touch my head. I was sure he was going to kill me”: Killing and abuse at a-Nabi Saleh demonstration

An Israeli sniper shot and killed Sabaa ‘Obeid, a 22-year-old Palestinian who posed no threat, at the weekly demonstration at a-Nabi Saleh. Later, soldiers detained 19-year-old Baraa Kan’an and abused
Press Release

Playing with fire: Israel’s sweeping disregard for the wellbeing and security of East Jerusalem residents has led to four fatalities and dozens of injuries, and disrupted the lives of tens of thousands of residents

Following the killing of two policemen by three Israeli citizens in the Temple Mount compound (the al-Aqsa Mosque) on Friday, 14 July 2017, Israel blocked all the roads leading into Jerusalem’s Old Ci
Press Release

Israeli security forces endangered patients’ lives at al-Makassed hospital, East Jerusalem

B’Tselem’s investigation reveals that in their raid of the hospital, Israeli security forces hampered medical treatment, assaulted staff and intimidated patients. On Friday, 21 July 2017, at approxima
Press Release

Change in military investigation policy welcome, but it must not be contingent on the security situation

B'Tselem and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) welcome the Israeli military’s announced change of the policy of investigations, made today (6 April) in an updated statement to the High
Press Release

B'Tselem to Turkel Commission: Independent investigation apparatus must be appointed to investigate suspected breaches of laws of war

B'Tselem yesterday called (on 11 April) for the establishment of an independent and effective investigative apparatus to examine suspicions of breaches of the law by security forces. The apparatus wou