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May Hamadah, a quadriplegic, describes life since being wounded last year when a special needs hostel was bombed

May Hamadah in her room at the hostel's new residence. Photo: Muhammad Sa’id, B'Tselem, 1 July 2015 I am a quadriplegic and have lived in a hostel for people with disabilities since childhood. I also

Mu’taz al-‘Azayzeh, 16, tells how much he misses a friend killed in Protective Edge

I just finished the 11th grade. In July it will be a year since my friend ‘Alaa Abu Dahruj was killed. He was killed in the war, when he and his family fled their home because of artillery fire and we

Maha Abu Mutlaq, a 17-year-old high school student, describes life since her home was destroyed in Protective Edge

I’m in the 12th grade in the girls’ high school in Khuza’ah. I’m in the science stream and have almost finished my matriculation exams. For almost a year, ever since the Israeli military destroyed our

Mayadah Zaqut recalls bombing that killed her husband in their apartment, and bombing of their entire building several weeks later

My husband, ‘Ahed Zaqut, was 49. He worked as a clerk in the Sports Department of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation and was also a coach in several soccer clubs in Gaza. I lived with ‘Ahed and
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Better late than never: even two years since Operation Cast Lead, an independent Israeli investigation is crucial to achieve accountability and prevent future violations

Two years since to completion of Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, B'Tselem renews its call to Israel to open an independent, effective investigation into the grave suspicions of violations of hu
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New report reveals state sanctioned ill-treatment of interrogees in Petach Tikva ISA detention facility

645 complaints against ISA interrogators – not one criminal investigation The secrecy surrounding Israel Security Agency's detention facility in Petach-Tikva means that even officials from the State A
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B'Tselem's new report: Army's policy not to investigate killing of Palestinian civilians exempts soldiers from accountability, even when criminal offenses are suspected

B'Tselem recommends cancelling classification of the situation as an “armed conflict” to conform it to the existing reality in the Occupied Territories * * * For your attention: This morning, less tha
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Military Police to investigate killing of Bil'in demonstrator from firing of tear-gas canister 15 months ago

Three videos prove the canister was fired directly at Bassem Abu-Rahmeh, but the army ordered the investigation only after threat of High Court petition The Judge Advocate General (JAG), Maj.-Gen. Avi
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B'Tselem's Annual Report 2009-2010: Easing of movement along with continuation of the Gaza siege and the settlement enterprise

83 Palestinians and 7 Israelis killed in conflict since operation Cast Lead Israel demolished 92 homes in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, since 2009. Home demolition was frozen in East Jerusa
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Border police officer who shot a Palestinian boy charged with negligent manslaughter

Update : On 30 October 2012, the court acquitted Border Police officer Omri Abu of negligent homicide, while convicting him of negligent use of arms. In addition, the judge asserted that the policeman