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Report: Void of Responsibility, 2010

Israeli military policy not to investigate killings of Palestinians by soldiers The report examines the policy in force from the outset of the second intifada: with rare exceptions, Isra...
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Army officer denies his duty to protect Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, 15 Dec. '09, Deir Nidham

  On 15 December 2009, settlers prevented Palestinian farmers from planting olive trees on the farmers’ land in Deir Nidham, north of Ramallah. Soldiers at the scene did nothing to preve...
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Firing at workers near the Gaza Strip border

Update: On 14 October 2012, B'Tselem was notified by telephone that a Military Police Investigation Unit inquiry has been opened to clarify the allegations in one of the incidents. Ove...
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31 August 2010: Soldiers and police violently seal shops in Hebron without showing order

Update: On 13 May 2013 the MAG Corps informed B'Tselem that after examining the response by the military personnel involved in the incident, it was clear that the soldiers' conduct had ...
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Rasmi al-Khatib, 2006

Rasmi al-Khatib was 13 years old in October 2001, when he was playing soccer with friends. A soldier fired at the children and a bullet struck him. Since then, Rasmi's left arm has been p...
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Udai Abu Hamdiyeh, 2006

'Udai Abu Hamdiyeh was six years old in June 2003, when he was playing with friends near the village's well. A soldier fired at the children, wounding him in the head. The Israeli govern...
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Maysun al-Hayek, 2002

In February 2002, Maysun al-Hayek and her husband were on the way to the hospital, where she was to give birth to their daughter. Suddenly, soldiers opened fire at them, killing her husba...
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IDF soldiers forced taxi passengers to undress in public, 2005

IDF soldiers order taxi driver and passengers to undress in public and detain them for hours wrapped in nylon sheets, 'Araba area. "Somebody with a megaphone told us to get out of the ca...
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Lethal Ambiguity: Israeli Soldiers Talk about the Rules of Engagement, 2006

" The bottom line is that the orders are unclear. They are confusing. And when orders are unclear, people die ."
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Palestinians displaced by Operation Cast Lead living in tents, 2009

According to the UN, Israel destroyed 3,500 homes in the Gaza Strip during Operation Cast Lead. Some of the displaced persons now live in tents, in harsh conditions. Participants in B’Tse...