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Human Shields

Since the beginning of the occupation in 1967, Israeli security forces have repeatedly used Palestinians in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip as human shields, ordering them to perform military task

21 Nov. 05: High Court rules use of "neighbor procedure" illegal, State Attorney's Office requests rehearing

The State Attorney's Office filed an application for a rehearing in the case involving the "neighbor procedure." Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz stated that he was interested in appearing before the c

Court Forbids Use of Human Shields

On 6 October 2005, the Israeli High Court of Justice ruled that it is illegal for Israeli forces to use Palestinian civilians in military operations. The decision was handed down in response to a peti

8 March 07: Israeli soldiers use two Palestinian minors as human shields

Testimonies taken by B'Tselem reveal that during the army's operation in Nablus in late February, soldiers used two Palestinian children, a fifteen-year-old boy and a eleven-year-old girl, and a twent

List of B'Tselem's demands for investigation of harm to unarmed civilians in Operation Cast Lead

After Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, B'Tselem wrote to the MAG Corps demanding investigations of the Military Police Investigation Unit (MPIU) into 20 incidents that had taken place during the

Three years since Operation Cast Lead: Israeli military utterly failed to investigate itself

Three years after Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli military's argument against independent investigation of its conduct during the operation has proven to be hollow. The military has completely failed

In midnight raids, Israeli soldiers enter homes in Nablus District, wake families, and use young men as human shields

On two separate occasions in January and February 2017, large numbers of troops entered the villages of Beit Furik and Burin in Nablus District late at night. The soldiers went into numerous homes and