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Testimony: Policeman beat Shadi Sabatin during interrogation, September 2008

Shadi Sabatin, laborer /> I've been working for ten years for an Israeli contractor named Badi. He always arranges a work permit for me, and we work only in Ma'aleh Adumim. He takes me to and from wor

Testimony: Jerusalem municipality demolishes house; policemen assault occupant, 28 July 2008

Hiba al-'Almi, student My family’s dream was to buy our own house. In 2002, my father bought an apartment from Mr. Majed Abu ‘Isha, who had built an apartment house. My father paid $200,000 for it, in

Testimony: Tarwaneh family suffers from pirate garbage dump near its home in East Jerusalem, April 2008

Fahmiyeh Tarawneh, mother of ten About six years ago, I moved from the Old City to Dahiyat a-Salam because of the housing shortage. We bought an apartment overlooking the wadi between Dahiyat a-Salam

Testimony: Border Police officer assaulted Mahmoud Dar'awi and beat him, Nu'man, East Jerusalem, 6 January 2008

Mahmoud Dar'awi, 40 I live with my family in Nu'man. For quite a while I have not been working because I don't have a permit to enter Israel. My children study in al-Khas, as do all the children from

Testimony: Member of security forces threatens to jail 13-year-old girl who touched the Separation Barrier, Nu'man, 6 January 08

Hiba a-Dar'awi, 13 I live with my family in Nu'man and am in the seventh grade at the school in al-Khas. Every morning I walk from Nu'man to al-Khas and go through the checkpoint at the entrance to th

Testimony: Students from Tel 'Adasah, near Bir Nabala, can't attned school because of the Separation Barrier, Sept. 2007

Amir K'abneh, 13 I have lived my whole life with my family in Tel '‘Adasah, which is located east of Bir Nabala. I have always gone to the Bir Nabala School for Boys. My two sisters, Zeinab, who is in

Testimony: Police assault 'Ali and Maymun 'Ayid in the yard of their house in Jabel al-Mukaber, September 2007

'Ali 'Ayid, 16 I live with my family in the al-Ghazayel neighborhood in Jabel al-Mukaber. Our house has two stories. We have a backyard yard with a storage room in which we raise horses. There is a bi

Israel prevents a Palestinian student from receiving medical training in East Jerusalem, January 2007

Rukaqyah al-Faqih, medical student I live in Qatanna village in Jerusalem . In 2002, I finished high school with honors and was accepted into medical school in Al-Quds University in Abu Dis and starte

A Palestinian man injured in crossfire in the course of being used as a human shield by IDF soldiers, May 2007

Majd Ghanem, student I am a student at A-Najah University and live with my family in the entrance of the Jenin refugee camp. I was studying for my final exams on Tuesday, May 15, 2007 around 1:30A.M.w

A woman in labor forced to give birth at a checkpoint in East Jerusalem , March 2007

Na'ama Hilmiyeh, 64 I live in Abu Dis together with my husband and 2 boys, Feisal who is 32 and Mo'tamad who is 26. Mo'tamad's wife 'Afaf, who is 20 years old, usually stays with me helping out around