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Hebron: Israeli soldier injures Palestinian, 16, in the head during settler march

On 11 November 2017, at around 10:30 A.M., held a procession from the settlement of Admot Yishai, in the neighborhood of Tal Rumeidah (in Area H2 of Hebron), to the Tomb of Otniel Ben Kna...
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Israeli police assault and arrest two Palestinian teens, fire sponge rounds and throw stun grenades in East Jerusalem neighborhood

On the afternoon of 7 November 2017, at around 4:00 P.M., Israeli Border Police officers were writing traffic tickets in the neighborhood of Batan al-Hawa, which is part of the village of...
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Video: Israeli soldiers beat Palestinian in Hebron

Video footage which reached B’Tselem shows a large group of soldiers violently dragging a Palestinian youth. A Hebron resident began recording the incident after hearing the youth crying ...
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Israeli soldiers beat and kill Yasin a-Saradih after he attempts assault, Jericho, 22 Feb. 2018

On the night of 22 February 2018, some 20 Israeli soldiers entered Jericho, going into the city center. During clashes that ensued there, Yasin a-Saradih (35) attempted to assault them wi...

Testimony: Living in Gaza in the shadow of hostilities - the Shahin family, Gaza City

Fathi Shahin, 61 I live in central Gaza City with my wife and my daughter and her two small children, ages six and three. Her husband lives abroad. Since the start of the attack on Gaza on 14 November

Testimony: Ahmad Abu Dra', 17, resident of Nablus, arrested on 13 February 2009 and interrogated in the ISA interrogation facility in Petach-Tikva

Ahmad Abu Dra', 17 On Friday, 13 February 2009, around 1:00 P.M., I was at the Huwara checkpoint. I wanted to go to Ramallah. I was in the eleventh grade and on my days off from school, I used to work

Testimony: Interrogation of M.A., Palestinian minor, in the ISA interrogation facility in Petach-Tikva, March 2009

M.A., 17 On 4 March 2009, around four o'clock in the morning, soldiers came to my house to arrest me. They banged on the door. My father opened it and let them come in, and then he woke me. Around fif

Testimony: Soldiers assault elderly farmer while working his land next to the Separation Barrier, December 2009

Update: On 1 January 2012 the MAG Corps informed B'Tselem that upon conclusion of the investigation, the file had been closed. The grounds for closing the case were not given. Ahmad Ghanem, 75 I live

Testimony: Policemen disguised as stone throwers assault Firas al-Atrash in East Jerusalem, beating him severely, October 2009

Muhammad Eqneibi, laborer I've been married to a Jewish Israeli woman for three years now. We live in Tel Aviv and have two small children: Lin, who is one and a half years old, and ‘Amro, who was bor

Testimony: Soldiers abuse and humiliate Palestinian laborers who tried to enter Israel, and steal their property and money, a-Ramadin, 30 September 2009

Muhammad Eqneibi, laborer I live in the al-Qazazin (glaziers) neighborhood in the Old City in Hebron, and work as a plasterer. For years, I've worked in Israel, in the Ashkelon area. I had a permit to