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Daily life under occupation: Officer captured on video knocking 11-year-old to the ground in Zabubah

On 2 November 2016, soldiers entered the village of Zabubah, in the northern West Bank, in pursuit of children who had thrown rocks at the separation barrier. The soldiers entered the cen...
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Border Police pursue and assault women and girls watching clashes in village of Sa’ir

On 20 January 2017, at around 2:00 P.M., local boys and teens clashed with Israeli security forces in the village of Sa’ir, which lies northeast of Hebron. A group of boys and teens threw...
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Batan al-Hawa in Silwan: The next target for “Judaization” in East Jerusalem

Residents and police in the neighborhood of Batan al-Hawa. Photo by Hussam ‘Abed, B’Tselem, 29 Nov. 2016 The Batan al-Hawa neighborhood, in the heart of Silwan, is the setting for the mo...
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Settlers assault a Palestinian videographer, Hebron, May 2016

On 4 May 2016 Raed Abu a-Rmeileh, a former B’Tselem camera volunteer, tried to film settlers using a dog to harass Palestinian girls. One settler hit Abu a-Rmeileh on the head, knocking h...
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No Minor Matter, 2011

Every year, Israeli security forces arrest dozens of Palestinian minors in the West Bank on suspicion of stone-throwing. B'Tselem's report "No Minor Matter" reveals that their rights are ...
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Soldiers detain developmentally disabled child, Hebron, Oct. 2014

On 19 Oct. 2014 soldiers briefly detain developmentally disabled Palestinian boy. A-Rajbi is a month shy of 12, the age of criminal responsibility. Detained after Palestinian children thr...
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Soldiers beat young Palestinian man, wrongfully arrest him, 2015

On 6 Oct. soldiers assaulted Ansar ‘Asi, 25, who was at the doorway to his workplace watching soldiers and Palestinian youths clash. The incident was captured on his employer’s CCTV. The ...
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Military's law enforcement system as whitewash: Beating of Sharif Abu Hayah

Beating of Sharif Abu Hayah, 66, in the fields of Khirbet Abu Falah, Ramallah District, 28 January 2009 The incident On the morning of 28 January 2009, shepherd Sharif Abu Hayah took...
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Border Police in Hebron abused a schoolboy, ‘Abd a-Rahman Burqan, twice in one month

Update: The Department for the Investigation of Police (DIP) opened two separate cases to investigate the circumstances of the two incidents. On 1 August 2012 the DIP notified B’Tselem t...
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Video: Soldiers assault journalists covering demonstration. Kafr Qadum, 17 August 2012

Update: On 13 September 2012 the Office of the Military Advocate for Operational Matters informed B'Tselem that it had instructed the MPIU to investigate the charges. In May 2013, the MAG...