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'Abd al-Fatah Fiad, a farmer from al-Qararah, relates how he and his family fled to Khan Yunis, abandoning their home and livestock

Residents evacuating from Beit Hanoun during the humanitarian ceasefire. Photo: Muhammad Sabah, B'Tselem, 26 July 2014 My wife and I live with our four children on farmland in the al-Qararah area, tog

Suhair Shabat describes mortal fear of bombing, leading her to take her children and flee Beit Hanoun

Residents leaving Beit Hanoun by foot during the humanitarian ceasefire. Photo: Muhammad Sabah, B'Tselem, 26 July 2014 My husband and I have five children: Ahmad, 10, Siba, 8, Ne'meh, 5, Fadi, 4, and

Wisam Shuheibar relates how a missile killed his 8-year-old daughter and her cousins, 7 and 10, while they were feeding pigeons on the roof

A grieving mother at the funeral of the children. Photo: Muhammad Salem, Reuters, 17 July 2014 My wife and I have four children. We live in the same building as my brother Tareq, my father and my sist

Muhammad Abu Mu'ammar describes the bombing that killed his wife, father and brother in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip, 13 July 2014

We live on farmland in the a-Salem neighborhood northeast of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip. My wife, Hanadi Hamdan Abu Mu'ammar, was 24. We have two children: Hazem, 9 months old, and Musa, 4

Nabilah Abu Halima, who saw her son killed in Operation Cast Lead, relates how the family had to flee their home again

Palestinian civilians find shelter in an UNRWA school, Gaza, 13 July 2014. Photo: Muhammad Sabah, B'Tselem My husband, Sa’ed Abu Halima, and I have 10 children: the oldest, Sally, is 22 and the younge

Muhamad Abu Haloub, 75, a retired Education Ministry director, describes how he and his family evacuated their Beit Lahiya home on military orders

I’m retired. I used to be Director of Higher Education at the Education Ministry in Abu ‘Amar’s [Arafat’s] time. I retired in 2005 and now I’m a farmer. I’m married with nine children. Four of them li

Amani Badawi from the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City describes life under airstrikes, July 2014

My husband, Usama Badawi, and I have four children: Diaa, 16, Hanaa, 15, Muhammad, 12, and Ibrahim, 9. We live in a three-room apartment in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City. Since the Israeli

Salman Abu Namus on the bombing that killed his 3-year-old son in Jabalya RC, northern Gaza Strip

Saher Abu Namus. Photo: Abu Namus family. We live in Tel a-Za’tar neighborhood in Jabalaya refugee camp. I work as a civil servant and we have five children. Since the operation began, the Israeli arm

Yusra Abu Kaf from the Beduin community of Um Betin in the Negev describes life under rocket attacks with no protection

There’s no bomb alert in our village, but we can hear the alerts from Omer. Even though the village was recognized by the state a few years ago, there is nothing here to protect us. There are no secur

Muhammad Abu Harb describes the bombing the killed his sister, Rawida

I live with my wife and two children – a three-year-old boy and nine-month-old baby – in a single house with my mother and my brothers and sisters and their families, in the agricultural area of a-Zaw