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Gaza - an inside look: War Games, 2009

Children in the al-Maghazi refugee camp do not have many places they can go to get away from the reality of unemployment and hardship in which they live. One such place is an improvised c...
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Gaza - an Inside Look - Fun Day, 2009

(Video) Amateur photographer and director filmed injured girls in Gaza City during a school-organized field day who sing of 'the happy bacteria on the tooth' and promise to stop eating sw...
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Gaza - an inside look: Summer Games, 2009

In the summer of 2009, children in Gaza City took part in "Summer Games," sport and cultural events that were organized by the UNRWA. They played soccer, put on plays, studied sculpture, ...
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Israeli soldiers fire at Palestinian protesters by perimeter fence, northern Gaza, 29 Dec. 2017

On 29 December 2017, Israeli soldiers fired live ammunition and teargas at Palestinian protesters near the Gaza perimeter fence in the northern Gaza Strip. The demonstration was part of a...
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Voices from Gaza: Women at work, the Balah Falestin plant

June 2017 saw the tenth anniversary of the Israeli-imposed blockade on the Gaza Strip which has resulted in economic collapse in Gaza and a sharp drop in the standard of living there. Une...

Najah al-Katnani, 55, a mother of nine from Gaza City, describes being cut off from her family in the West Bank

Najah al-Qatnani in her home in Gaza City. Photo: Olfat al-Kurd, B'Tselem, 2 Aug. 2017 I was born and raised in al-Jalazun refugee camp in the West Bank. My sister introduced me to my husband, and we

Maryam Abu Yusef from a-Nuseirat R.C. describes coping with power and water shortages in Gaza

Maryam Abu Yusef at the family grocery store. Photo: Khaled al-'Azayzeh, B'Tselem, 13 August 2017 We’ve been suffering water and power outages for years. There was a long period when we used to receiv

Iman Hassan Hamdan, a married mother of six, from al-Bureij Refugee Camp speaks of the daily difficulties when power is available for only a few hours a day

I’m 34 years old. I’m married and have six children: Ranin is 13, Saja, 11, Arwa, 9, Muhammad, 7, and Ibrahim is a year old. We’ve been suffering from power cuts for over ten years. In the early years

Nibal Hashish, a 37-year-old mother of four, talks about running a household on 4 hours of power a day on average, al-Maghazi R.C.

We’ve been suffering from hours-long blackouts for the last ten years. When it started, we’d get electricity for eight hours and then have the power cut for ten to twelve hours. I would plan the house

Khulud Jaber, a mother of five, from a-Nuseirat R.C., tells of her struggle to care for her family without a regular supply of electricity

I have five children: Iman is 13; Shahd, 12; Muhammad, 10; ‘Abd a-Rahman, 7 and Mira is two and a half. We’ve been suffering from power cuts for the past ten years. In the early days of the crisis, we