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A year after the bombings in Gaza: Mu’taz al-‘Azayzeh, a 16-year-old high school student

For hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, last summer’s nightmare has become an ongoing reality. Mu’taz al-‘Azayzeh, a 16-year-old high school student told B’Tselem abo...
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International Women’s Day 2016

The demand for work in the Gaza Strip is enormous, with an unemployment rate of some 40%. The major reason is the siege Israel has imposed on Gaza. To mark International Women’s Day, we s...
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Reinventing Electricity - Episode 3

What do you do when there’s no electricity or access to advanced technology? Enterprise, innovation and ingenuity try to fill the void. Khaled al-‘Azayzeh, a B’Tselem field researcher in ...
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My own private Gaza - Episode 1

Gaza.Qassam rockets, Hamas, Gilad Shalit, besieged, Cast Lead – all of that is what goes through our minds when we think of Gaza.But what about the people who live there? How do the peopl...
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Video: Israel prohibits Gazan children from visiting imprisoned fathers

In July 2012, Israel reinstated authorization for relatives to visit Palestinian prisoners and detainees from the Gaza Strip being held in Israel (hereafter: “inmates”). Such visits were ...
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Bummer Generation - Episode 2

Last episode, I turned the camera inwards and looked at my home, my family, my local coffee shop. This time, we’ll go outside for a bit and visit my nephew Muamen.Muamen and his friends a...
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So Near and Yet So Far

Nibal Mghari, who lives in Gaza with her husband and kids, and her mother, who lives in Jenin, describe the pain and longing of being cut off from each other. A report by HaMoked and B’Ts...
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Gaza - an inside look: Tunnel youth, 2009

Since the siege was imposed on Gaza, the tunnels in Rafah have been almost the sole commercial artery for Gazans. All kinds of commodities are transferred through them, from food, medicin...
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Soldiers kill father and 4-year-old son and wound other family members in their home, a-Zeitun neighborhood, Gaza City, 4.1.09

Throughout Saturday night, 3.1.09, the Israeli air force bombed targets in the a-Zeitun neighborhood in Gaza City. On Sunday morning, troops entered the neighborhood. In one section of t...
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Jamal Nasser, 2006

Jamal Nasser is a resident of Tulkarm who runs a small business in Gaza. He obtained a permit to enter the Gaza Strip, but when he and his son went to the Erez checkpoint, soldiers inform...