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A Chronicle of Dispossession: Facts about Susiya

The Palestinian village of Khirbet Susiya has existed for at least a century. It appears on maps as far back as 1917 – decades before Israel began occupying the West Bank. Aerial photographs from 1980

Khirbet Susiya – a village under threat of demolition

The Palestinian village of Khirbet Susiya has existed in the South Hebron Hills at least since the 1830s. Its residents have traditionally earned a living from shepherding and growing olive trees. In
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Palestinian village Khirbet Susiya under imminent threat of demolition and expulsion

Susiya reflects Israeli authorities’ policy throughout Area C of West Bank Khirbet Susiya, village under threat of demolition. Photo: Ann Pack,, 15 June 2012 On 4 May 2015, Justice No

Civil Administration threatens to demolish most of Susiya village

Click here of updates On Tuesday, 12 June 2012, Israel’s Civil Administration distributed demolition orders to over 50 temporary structures in the Palestinian village of Susiya in the South Hebron Hil

Susiya demolition orders not simply a law enforcement issue

An op-ed by Eyal Hareuveni, first published in the Jerusalem Post About a month ago, the Israeli Civil Administration distributed demolition orders for 52 temporary structures in the Palestinian villa
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State seeks to demolish about half of the village of Susiya before HCJ hearing

In a letter sent this morning to the Civil Administration, representatives of the village of Susiya demanded that the authorities freeze all the demolitions planned over the coming days in the village
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How can you weather the storm when you’re barred from building a home?

Day in and day out, the Palestinian residents of Khirbet Susiya see the solid, well-built permanent housing of the settlement of Susiya, established in 1983. Although there has been a Pal...
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State intends to demolish homes in Susiya after Ramadan, due to settler pressure

On Sunday (12 July 2015) the residents of the village of Khirbet Susiya met with high-ranking officials from COGAT, the Civil Administration, and the military. The meeting was called by the Israeli au

Testimony: Settlers attack Jaziya Nawaj'ah while she grazes her flock near Khirbet Susiya, 10 August 2009

Jaziya Nawaj'ah, 43 I live in Khirbet Susiya with my husband, Khaled Hamad Nawaj'ah, 48, and our nine children. We have a small flock of twenty sheep. Our livelihood comes from the sheep and some farm

Testimony: Four settlers attack the Nawaj'ah family near the Susiya settlement, 8 June 2008

'Imran a-Nawaj'ah, farmer I live about two kilometers south of the Susiya settlement. My family has a plot of about twenty dunam [almost five acres] near the settlement. Today, 8 June 2008, around 5:0