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From the field

Soldiers' Abuse of Palestinians in Hebron

December 2002, Summary

B'Tselem publishes case study: "Soldiers' Abuse of Palestinians in Hebron, 3 December 2002"

"One of the soldiers who stayed inside told me to sit on the chair and didn't say why. When I sat down, he took the electric razor... When the soldier put the machine on my hair, I grabbed his hand and asked him what he was doing. He slapped me and told me in Arabic to shut up. The soldier put the machine to my hair forcefully. It hurt. He cut my hair in random lines."
From the testimony of Bassem Maswadeh, 24

Today B'Tselem is publishing a report exposing a severe incident in which IDF soldiers in Hebron abused Palestinians and used them as human shields.

On 3 December 2002, four soldiers entered a barbershop in Hebron. For more than an hour, they abused five residents of the city, aged 19 - 24. Among other things, the soldiers' forcibly cut the hair of two of the young men, beat them, and maltreated them and the three other Palestinians. The soldiers also used three of their victims as human shields, firing from over their shoulders at stone-throwers.

This grave incident is only the tip of the iceberg. Cases of "punishment" and abuse of Palestinians by IDF soldiers in the Occupied Territories occur daily. The IDF must investigate the incident immediately. However, investigation into this incident alone is insufficient. In addition, B'Tselem calls on the IDF to take all the measures necessary to put an end to the abuse and degradation of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.