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From the field

B'Tselem on Human Rights Watch report: an urgent wake-up call

B’Tselem welcomes today’s groundbreaking legal analysis by HRW of Israel's apartheid regime. Firmly grounded in a careful research of the unfolding reality between the river and the sea, the alarming findings by HRW are essential reading for anyone who desires to truly come to terms with Israel’s domination over Palestinians and its systematic oppression of them.

To date, the international community has by and large refused to wake up to the reality of Israel's apartheid regime. Instead, it preferred to keep pretending that the apartheid threshold might be crossed at some unspecified time, always pushed into an ever-distancing future. Thus, “A Threshold Crossed”, the aptly named HRW report, must now serve as an urgent wake-up call for the international community, to finally take concrete action in rejection of apartheid and in support of human rights, democracy and justice.