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From the field

B’Tselem on today’s District Court ruling allowing to revoke HRW Israel and Palestine director Omar Shakir's work permit

The government seems to expect all those arriving in Israel to swear allegiance to its policy of endless occupation, settlements and blockade, basically stating: take it, or leave. It is telling the world: nothing will change – violations of human rights will continue.

The court ruling shines a spotlight on the place Israel holds in the infamous club of countries that restrict the activities of human rights organizations. This is not surprising, as Prime minister Netanyahu recently announced that he intends to commit further severe violations of human rights, including forcible transfer of Palestinian communities in areas he promised to formally annex. It seems Israel is now certain in its ability to hide violations of human rights, silence criticism of the occupation and its injustices and evade even the smallest price for those actions. Moreover, the strategy of the “Ministry for Strategic Affairs” hinges on the ludicrous belief that in 2019 one can hide from the world information about grave violations pertaining to the life and rights of millions of people.

B’Tselem cordially informs the Israeli government that together with our colleagues in HRW and other human rights organization, we will go on and provide the public – in Israel and all over the world – the facts. We will make sure that the reality of occupation will continue to be heard everywhere - until its end.