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From the field

Firm resolve by international community imperative to ending the occupation

Whether addressing the Israeli public or the international community, our message is the same: as Israelis, we cannot allow the 50-year-old occupation and its attendant human rights violations to carry on. The Israeli prime minister and most of his colleagues in both the coalition and opposition parties have no intention of ending the occupation. Therefore, firm determination and resolve by the international community is essential to making it clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that his actions on the other side of the Green Line, i.e., beyond Israel’s sovereign borders, quite simply cross the line.

As long as it does not meet the minimum conditions of democracy, Israel cannot enjoy the privileges that go with being a card-carrying member of the club of democratic countries. There must be a price to pay for continued military control of another people while thumbing one’s nose at basic moral values and international law.

One final note to the prime minister: civil society will not take orders or succumb to pressure. We will go on opposing the injustices of the occupation until it becomes a thing of the past.