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From the field

Video: Settlers vandalize property as revenge for stone throwing – police do not detain them

On Thursday, 4 December 2014, two settlers were driving near the Wadi a-Nasara checkpoint, which keeps Palestinian vehicles from entering Worshipers’ Road in Hebron, when a Palestinian youth threw stones at their car. The settlers then got out of their car and attempted pursuit. When they did not manage to catch the youth, they took their anger out on Palestinian property in the area. As captured in this video by B’Tselem volunteer Suzan Jabber, the settlers threw stones, smashing the windshields of nearby parked cars, and destroyed a few egg cartons a Palestinian grocery store owner had come to pick up at the checkpoint.


The incident in this video clip is part of the reality of living in Hebron, a reality in which soldiers and police officers stand idly by while settlers take the law into their own hands and vandalize Palestinian property. There is a staffed military post near the checkpoint, and a police post about 200 meters away. As seen in the clip, O.O., a Kiryat Arba settler who acts as the Jewish settlement’s security officer, a police car and a military vehicle arrived on the scene shortly after the two settlers reached the checkpoint. When the police car arrived, the owners of the damaged cars told the police officers that the two settlers had caused the damage, but the police did not detain them. Instead, the two got back in their car and drove off unhindered. The Palestinians later filed a complaint at the Hebron District Police.

Footage of the what transpired next: