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From the field

Those holding the three yeshiva students must release them at once; Israeli security forces must uphold human rights and avoid collective punishment

B’Tselem shares the great concern and worry over the fate of the three abducted yeshiva students, two of them minors. B’Tselem also shares the fervent hope that the three teens will be returned safe and sound to their homes. B’Tselem reiterates its position that any deliberate attack against civilians is absolutely prohibited. Those currently holding the teens must release them without delay.

Along with the efforts by the Israeli security forces to exhaust all possible avenues of investigation in order to locate the abducted youths and bring them safely home, the authorities must adopt every possible measure at their disposal to uphold human rights. Israeli authorities must also refrain from meting out collective punishment to the local population. Likewise, the security forces must take whatever steps necessary to prevent any violence directed at Palestinians.