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From the field

Investigation of Palestinian detainee's death in custody must include full circumstances

Following the announcement that an investigation was opened into the circumstances surrounding the death of Arafat Jaradat, a Palestinian resident of Sa'ir, who was detained at Megido Prison, B'Tselem stated that the investigation must relate to the full circumstances of the event, and not only to the conduct of those directly responsible for his wellbeing at the time.

The investigation must examine, the detainee's treatment during his interrogation, the procedures followed by the ISA (Shabak) interrogators and the responsibility for setting those procedures. Additionally, the investigation must include the conduct of the physicians who examined Jaradat, as well as the procedures governing the work of physicians in interrogation facilities, the hierarchy under which they operate, and their independence of the ISA.

The investigation must be independent, effective and transparent, and be finalized swiftly.