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From the field

Army must allow evacuation of wounded and trapped civilians

In the last few hours, B'Tselem learned of civilians who are trapped in the following places in the Gaza Strip, all under the army's control:

  • Al-Siafa, northern Gaza Strip (near the ruins of the Dugit settlement). Members of the Abu-Halima family living there told B'Tselem that they left several dead bodies in the area. Additionally, they said two disabled residents unable to walk are alone in two houses in the neighborhood.
  • A-Zeitun, in the southeast section of Gaza City, there are at least two compounds in which civilians are trapped, and bodies of the dead have not been removed.

-a-Samuni family compound: yesterday, the Red Cross evacuated fifteen injured persons belonging to the family. An unknown number of bodies remain in the compound. B'Tselem took the telephone testimony of Meysa a-Samuni, 19, who described the chronology of events, in which many members of her family were killed. To read her testimony click here.

-al-Mughrabi family compound: according to a member of the family who was in telephone contact with B'Tselem, some eighty members of the family are trapped in the compound, without food and water. One member of the family has been killed, and his body remains in the compound.

  • B'Tselem also received reports of civilians trapped in ‘Abd Rabbo, east of Jabalya.

B'Tselem demands that the army immediately allow ambulances to evacuate the dead and wounded and to enable civilians to be freed from areas under its control.