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New B'Tselem Report: "Whitewash - Office of the Military Advocate General's Investigation into the Death of Khalil al-Mughrabi, age 11, on July 7, 2001"

Khalil al-Mughrabi was playing soccer with a group of children in Rafah on Saturday, July 7th, 2001, when a burst of gunfire hit him in the head, killing him and wounding two of his friends, ages 10 and 12.

B'Tselem obtained internal documents from the office of the Military Advocate General which reveal how the military cleared the soldiers who caused the death of an eleven year-old Palestinian boy, covered up the incident, refrained from opening an investigation by the Military Police, and issued a false statement regarding the circumstances of the death.

The documents that B'Tselem received, which are included as annexes to the report, raise the grave concern that cover-ups and falsifications are considered acceptable practice by the Military Advocate General's office.

In the conclusions to its report B'Tselem calls:

  • To open a Military Police investigation against those involved in the death of Khalil al-Mughrabi and the injury of his two friends;
  • To take action against those in the Military Advocate General's office who intentionally presented a false version of the events;To transfer the procedure of investigations from the military to an independent and objective body.