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For how long will Israel persecute Ahmad Qatamesh?

Israel Prevents Qatamesh from Leaving the Occupied Territories to Denmark

The writer Ahmad Qatamesh was invited to speak at a conference abroad on the subject of Political Prisoners in Israel and Palestine. The conference will take place in the Danish Parliament on this Saturday, 13 November.

Israel denied, for "security reasons", Qatamesh's application for permission to leave the West Bank.

Ahmad Qatamesh, 47, a resident of Ramallah and father of one child, was held in administrative detention for five years seven months and fifteen days, from 1 September 1992 to 15 April 1998. No charges were filed against him.

Israel's refusal to allow him to leave the West Bank (made arbitrarily, without explanation, and without a right to appeal) violates his right to free movement and contravenes international law.

B'Tselem calls upon the Civil Administration to allow Ahmad Qatamesh to exit the West Bank so that he can participate in the conference. In light of the subject matter of the conference, he likely has something to contribute.