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28 January 2018

#Occupation365 - Updates from the West Bank routine, 30 Dec. 2017 - 12 Jan. 2018

In the first half of January 2018, Israeli security forces arrested at least 139 Palestinians, including 18 minors; raided towns and villages at least 137 times, and at least 68 homes; and set up at least 173 flying checkpoints.
25 January 2018

Collective punishment in Qusrah: Israeli forces raid village homes two nights in a row

After settlers hiked on Qusrah village land on 30 Nov. 2017, which resulted in the killing of one villager and the wounding of another, Israeli forces clashed with village residents. On 6 and 7 Dec., soldiers raided homes in Qusrah at night and arrested 21 people, including two teens. Large groups of soldiers entered homes, woke families and gathered them in one room, in some cases staying up to two hours. In testimonies given to B’Tselem, residents described terrified children and feeling powerless to prevent this invasion of their privacy.

24 January 2018

Over 7,000 people collectively punished: Israel imposes harsh restrictions on access to village of Hizma

For more than a week, the Israeli military has been severely restricting access into and out of the Palestinian village of Hizma in the West Bank, apparently in response to stone-throwing along a nearby road. Restricting the freedom of movement of some 7,000 people constitutes collective punishment, which is prohibited under international law. Yet again, this type of occurrence illustrates routine life under occupation and the Israeli military’s arbitrary use of its power in dealing with the Palestinian population.
22 January 2018

Distant relatives: Severe restrictions imposed on prison visits by immediate family to Gazans held in Israel

Israel keeps thousands of Palestinians imprisoned in Israel, in breach of international law, forcing relatives to request permits to visit. Over the years it has imposed immense obstacles to visits from Gaza. Currently, only spouses and children under 16 are allowed, and only once every two months; grandparents and siblings are barred. Israel must stop this violation of the rights of prisoners and their families and allow them visits without imposing arbitrary restrictions as maintaining family ties is a fundamental human right, and prisoners are no exception.

17 January 2018

‘Ahed and Nariman Tamimi remanded in custody as military prosecution requested

Today (Wednesday, 17 Jan. 2018), a military judge approved the prosecution’s request to remand ‘Ahed and Nariman Tamimi in custody. These proceedings reveal the disgrace of Israel’s military regime as a whole, and of its military courts in particular. In this system, the judges and prosecutors are always military personnel, the defendants are always Palestinian, and the conviction rate is almost 100%. This so-called justice system is one of the most offensive mechanisms employed under Israel’s occupation regime. Its goal is not to serve truth and justice, but to preserve Israel’s control over the Palestinian people. This is true of the Tamimi family – and of thousands of others.

17 January 2018

Dispossession in the northern Jordan Valley: New settlement outposts as part of the land grab process

Israeli settlers living in new settlement outposts established in the northern Jordan Valley are using violence and threats to take over the pasturelands of longstanding Palestinian communities. The settlers act as the state’s criminal arm in pursuit of the state goals of dispossessing Palestinians in the Jordan Valley of their land and entrenching Israeli control in the area.
15 January 2018

Night in Beit ‘Einun: Israeli soldiers throw stun grenades and raid homes

Late at night on 11 Dec. 2017, troops entered the village of Beit ‘Einun, northeast of Hebron. They threw stun grenades and raided dozens of homes, pounding on doors and breaking some down, and terrifying the residents and their children. They forced residents to read out a statement accusing the village of terrorist activity and threatening nightly harassment. The military’s abuse of power to intimidate entire families suspected of no wrongdoing exemplifies the arbitrary violence to which Palestinians are subject to under the occupation.

10 January 2018

Palestinians kill Israeli civilian in shooting attack near settlement point of Gilad Farm near Nablus

B’Tselem expresses deep sorrow at the death of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, 35, a father of six from Gilad Farm who was killed by Palestinians in a shooting attack yesterday. B’Tselem conveys its sincerest condolences to the Shevach family. The deliberate targeting of civilians undermines every moral, legal and human standard. B’Tselem strongly condemns any and all deliberate attacks against civilians.

8 January 2018

Not only in Iran: Israeli troops fire live ammunition during protests against Trump’s declaration, killing 10 Palestinians and injuring hundreds

Ten Palestinians were killed and hundreds injured when Israeli troops used live gunfire during protests sparked by President Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem. Live gunfire is permitted only in case of immediate mortal danger that cannot be otherwise averted. The great number of Palestinian casualties will probably be addressed no differently from thousands of past cases of excessive and unlawful use of live gunfire. With the MAG Corps at the helm, those responsible for these deaths will be afforded protection instead of being held to account.

31 December 2017

Israeli Civil Administration confiscates wooden panels from Khan al-Ahmar

On 28 Dec. 2017, at around 8:30 A.M., Israeli C.A. officials came with Border Police officers to the Khan al-Ahmar School community in the area of Ma’ale Adumim, handed the residents a military warrant and took away 60 wooden panels and two doors. The community of Khan al-Ahmar is located in an area that Israel has earmarked for future expansion of the Ma’ale Adumim settlement.