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6 February 2005

Testimony: Police Beat Zakariya Barak'a in an Attempt to Force him to Sign a Document Forbidding him from Entering Israel

"They had on heavy military shoes and their kicks hurt. I felt the bones in my back breaking. They punched me a few times in the face and I bled from my nose and mouth. It felt as if blood was coming out of my ears because of the pain..."

2 February 2005

Israeli military grants impunity when soldiers kill Palestinian civilians

Since the beginning of the al-Aqsa intifada, the IDF has opened only 90 Military Police investigations into Palestinians killed and injured.

1 February 2005

B'Tselem launches new website

B'Tselem is launching a new and improved website, and errors might emerge in the coming days. Please help us by reporting errors and issues that you encounter to

6 January 2005

Testimony: IDF soldier shoots to death 14 year-old boy playing with his friends

I heard a shot being fired and then two or three more. I saw Salah a-Din fall backwards without making a sound.