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18 December 2005

Israeli civilian killed by Palestinians south of Hebron

B'Tselem strongly condemns the attack south of Hebron, in which an Israeli civilian was killed. Attacks aimed at civilians undermine all rules of morality and law.

7 December 2005

Olive harvest once again marred by settler violence

As in previous years, B'Tselem has once again documented cases in which IDF and police personnel stood by while Palestinian farmers were being attacked by settlers.

6 December 2005

B'Tselem to Mazuz: Prevent the renewal of house demolitions

Following the announcement that Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz requested the approval of Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to demolish the homes of suicide-bombers' families, B'Tselem requested the attorney general to prevent the illegal policy from being reinstituted.

5 December 2005

Netanya blast kills Israeli civilians

B'Tselem strongly condemns the attack at the Netanya Mall, in which five Israeli civilians were killed and many were injured. Attacks aimed at civilians undermine all rules of morality and law.

30 November 2005

B'Tselem's complaint leads DIP to recommend prosecution of policemen

Following B'Tselem' s complaint, the Department for the Investigation of Police recommended that Border Police officers be tried for severely maltreating a Palestinian in early April 2004.

21 November 2005

Soldiers shell house with residents still inside, setting it on fire

On the night of 23 October 2005, soldiers fired gunshots and missiles at a house in the Nur Shams refugee camp, near Tulkarm, without first warning the occupants to leave. The shelling caused a fire to break out, while residents, including small children, were still inside.

21 November 2005

High Court bans "neighbor procedure," State Attorney's Office appeals

State Attorney's Office filed an application for a rehearing. Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz stated that he wanted to appear before the court and explain the importance of the procedure.

13 November 2005

High Court questions the ban on family reunification

High Court President Barak demanded that the State provide more detailed information to prove its claim that family reunification facilitates terror.

7 November 2005

Video testimony: IDF soldiers forced taxi pasangers to undress in public

IDF soldiers order taxi driver and passengers to undress in public and detain them for hours wrapped in nylon sheets.

6 November 2005

Elevating the status of the Modi'in Illit settlement will intensify the land grab

B'Tselem today urged Interior Minister Ophir Pines-Paz not to change the status of the Modi'in Illit settlement from a local council to a municipality. B'Tselem explained that turning the settlement into a municipality would violate international law, and intensify the violation of the human rights of the Palestinian on whose land the settlement was built.