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5 July 2005

New Report: Means of Expulsion

For the past five years, Israel has been trying to expel some one thousand Palestinians who have maintained the way of life of their ancestors in the southern Hebron hills.

4 July 2005

Hundreds stranded at the a-Tufah checkpoint

Hundreds of the Palestinian residents of Al-Mawasi have been waiting for days at the Tufah checkpoint, to return to their homes.

6 June 2005

HCJ freezes building of the barrier in Dahiyat al-Barid

The High Court of Justice issued an interim order suspending work on the barrier in Dahiyat al-Barid, north of Jerusalem, until further deliberation of the petitions against it .

6 June 2005

Testimony: Settlers attack child and injure person who tries to help him

"The man continued to walk alongside me to shield me from the settlers. Suddenly, the settlers rushed towards the man and violently attacked him. The settler in the orange shirt hit him hard on the chest and knocked him down."

1 June 2005

Testimony: Demolition of a hut in violation of High Court order

"The soldiers removed the furniture... and then picked me up and removed me from the hut... They leveled it completely... Some of the flock and pigeons died under the ruins..."

1 June 2005

Israeli government proposes blocking compensation suits

The Israeli government has proposed an amendment to its Tort Law intended to exempt Israel from paying compensation to Palestinians injured by the security forces. On June 23, the Knesset Law Committee will hold its next discussion on the law.

25 May 2005

Take No Prisoners

A new report by B'Tselem raises the strong suspicion that during the past year the military engaged in assassinations in the guise of arrest operations.

6 May 2005

Video testimonies from Gaza Prison

For the past four and a half years, Israel has severely restricted freedom of movement to and from the Gaza Strip. These restrictions further strangled the Gaza Strip, so much so that the area resembles one gigantic prison.

6 May 2005

Testimony: Settlers attack children in Hebron

"We have difficulties getting out of the house to go to school and to come back home. Almost every day, the settler children block the path for me and my sister, Fida'a, age 14. They throw stones, water and leftover food at us."

6 May 2005

B'Tselem publishes updated map of the Separation Barrier

The map allows a comparison of the new route approved by the Israeli government with the previous route.