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From the field

Military has been training near Palestinian communities in northern Jordan Valley for three days

A tank next to the homes of residents in Um al-Jmal in the northern Jordan Valley. Photo by 'Aref Daraghmeh, B'Tselem, 7 March 2018

Over the last three days military forces, including tanks, have been training exercises both during the day and at night, in several areas located near Khirbet al-Malih and the village of al-Farisiyah in the northern Jordan Valley. The exercises include use of firearms on grazing pastures, while local residents are denied access. Today the forces trained in Khirbet Um al-Jmal between residents’ homes and on farmland and near Khirbet Ibziq, where two families had evacuated following orders given by the military. Incessant military training in the northern Jordan Valley is part of Israel’s longstanding policy aimed at making living conditions in Palestinian communities unbearable and forcing residents out, ostensibly of their own accord.