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29 August 2012

Susiya demolition orders not simply a law enforcement issue

In an op-ed first published in the Jerusalem Post, Eyal Hareuveni explains why the demolition orders issued by the Civil Administration in May for most of the village of Khirbet Susiya do not serve legitimate planning interests. Rather, they reflect the discriminatory planning regime that Israel imposed in Area C of the West Bank, where Israel has complete control. This regime threatens the continued existence of dozens of Area C Palestinian villages for which Israel has thwarted the preparation of master plans, while preventing the expansion and development of other Palestinian communities in this area.

29 December 2010

Palestinian expelled from Jerusalem withdraws petition to High Court

On 29 Dec., 'Adnan Gheith withdrew his petition to Israel's High Court of Justice contesting the order issued by the Home Front commander restricting him from entering Jerusalem for four months. Prior to the hearing on his petition, Gheith said that he did not believe the court could make a just decision in his case and that a decision approving his expulsion might create a precedent for expelling other political activists from Silwan and East Jerusalem.

28 December 2010

High Court delays ban of political activist from East Jerusalem

Yesterday, 26 December, the High Court of Justice delayed implementation of the order banning 'Adnan Gheith from Jerusalem for four months. Earlier in the day, the Military's Home Front commander issued the order against Gheith, a resident of Silwan, a neighborhood situated south of Jerusalem's Old City. This is the first time that the military has issued an assigned-residence order against a resident of East Jerusalem. Tomorrow, 29 December, the High Court will hear Gheith's petition objecting to the action.

26 December 2010

Israel bans political activist from East Jerusalem

Adnan Gheith, from Silwan, is a political activist against Israeli settlement in the village. This morning, the Israel Police gave his attorney an order banning him from Jerusalem for four months, as of 5 P.M. This step breaches the Fourth Geneva Convention and severely infringes Gheith's rights.

18 July 2010

Palestinians' Israeli residence revoked for "disloyalty"

Israel is acting to forcibly transfer four Palestinian politicians affiliated with Hamas from East Jerusalem. Israel revoked their permanent resident status in 2006, for the first time using grounds of disloyalty to the state.

30 May 2010

Testimony: Stuck in Gaza, separated from family

On 21 April '10, Israel deported Ahmad Sabah from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip after he completed a 9-year prison sentence. His wife and 9-year-old son did not get to see him. Sabah, who has no family in Gaza, awaits permission to return to his family.

13 May 2010

Stop West Bank deportation policy

Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations issued a joint statement today calling on Israel to stop its illegal policy of deporting Palestinians from the West Bank to Gaza. The policy has escalated, as evident from an order effective April 13, defining anyone present in the West Bank without an Israeli permit as an "infiltrator".

22 April 2010

HaMoked - A Palestinian was deported to Gaza

Yesterday Israel forcibly transferred Ahmad Sayeed Sabah to Gaza with no judicial review. Sabah has resided in the West Bank for the past 15 years and his now separated from his wife and child. The move comes after official promises not to deport anyone from the West Bank to Gaza.

22 April 2010

Military order defines tens of thousands "infiltrators"

The order may be used against Gazans living for years in the West Bank while Israel has refused to update their address, and against foreign citizens married to West Bank residents whom Israel has denied family unification.