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Support B’Tselem, End the Disgrace - 25 Oct. 2018




Israel’s prime minister has recently had repeated cause to voice his opinion of B’Tselem.

Last week, I was invited to brief the UN Security Council on behalf of B'Tselem. Several days before the briefing, Netanyahu stated that B’Tselem is “a disgrace.” He repeated this view on social media in Hebrew and again after the speech. Yet the disgrace is not B’Tselem or its activity, but Israel’s control over another people. It is disgraceful to perpetuate this reality and ignore the basic principles of justice, morality, and human rights.

At the UN, I told Netanyahu: "You will never silence us – nor the hundreds of thousands of Israelis who reject a present founded on supremacy and oppression, and stand for a future built on equality, freedom and human rights."  Join us and support B'Tselem today.

After I spoke at the UN, Netanyahu said that B’Tselem will be “a fleeting episode in the history of our people.” But after fifty years, the occupation has become a fundamental fact in the history of the peoples who share this land – and sadly, not at all fleeting.

Our mission is to end the occupation, so that one day – hopefully soon – we can all look back upon this “episode
”, so that we can finally stop this disgrace. To achieve that goal, we not only research the facts but challenge this reality, as we did at the UN Security Council.

With your help, we will not let the occupation be sidelined, in Israel or abroad. To keep 
public focus on this disgrace until it ends, and not one day earlier, we need your help. Donate to B’Tselem now.

Thank you,
Hagai El-Ad

Hagai El-Ad's address at the United Nations Security Council, 18 Oct. 2018