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The following list is partial and does not reflect the actual scope of the violence and abuse suffered by residents of a-Ras and surrounding areas. Yet, the list gives a picture of the ongoing violence by settlers that is carried out under the protection of the security forces posted permanently in the area.

21 March: Settlers spit at Palestinian passersby .

22 March: From the windows of the settlement's building, settlers throw refuse at passersby .

23 March: Settlers assault a Palestinian woman passing in front of the settlement .

24 March: Three youths from the settlement attack a Palestinian. The police then arrest the Palestinian, contending that he struck the settlers. The police stated that the settlers had filed a complaint against him .

24 March: Settlers throw stones at a Palestinian child. Border Police stop the Palestinian child, claiming that he threw stones. No measures are taken against the settlers who threw stones .

25 March: In the evening, settlers urinate from the windows of the building onto the street .

30 March: A group of settlers who passed by the settlement throw stones at a Palestinian-owned shop, while two army jeeps were present at the scene. The shopkeeper asks the soldiers to intervene, but they do nothing. The officer in one of the jeeps orders the shopkeeper to remain inside his shop. Police officer who passed by in a jeep does not intervene, despite the calls of the shopkeeper .

1 April: Soldiers throw bottles of urine at Palestinians .

2 April: Soldiers throw bottles of urine at Palestinians .

3 April: Soldiers throw bottles of urine at Palestinians .

4 April : In the late afternoon, three soldiers, about eighteen years old, leave the new settlement and grab a four-year-old Palestinian child, who a day before had been hit in the shoulder by a stone thrown by settlers from the settlement. His cousin sees what is happening and the sides start yelling at each other. A soldier stationed in the settlement building sees the incident and orders the cousin to go into his house, but does nothing to stop the assault .

14 April: All day long, a large group of settlers stand by the settlement building and prevent Palestinians from moving along the street. The settlers swear at them and threaten them. Soldiers and police are present throughout the day and do nothing .

18 April: Young settler women block Palestinians children from using the road leading from the wadi to the checkpoint .

19 April: Young settler women block Palestinians children from using the road leading from the wadi to the checkpoint .

19 April: In the afternoon, two men and two women come out of the settlement building and attack Palestinian women and children .

19 April: Settlers, (one of them armed) prevent a Palestinian resident to pass near the settlement building (the way to his home) the settlers order the Palestinian to bypass the structure and not go near it .

25 April: A settler beats a Palestinian woman who passed along the road by the new settlement .

28 April: In the late afternoon, settlers throw stones from the building at a Palestinian walking in the street .

1 May: In the morning, settlers throw stones from the building at a Palestinian walking in the street .

2 May: In the late afternoon, settlers about fifteen years old throw stones at Palestinian passersby. They then go outside and beat a Palestinian woman walking on the road .

2 May: A settler tries to enter the mosque next to the new settlement during prayers. A Border Police officer forces him away and they get into a tussle and a verbal battle. Other settlers come out of the building and attack the soldiers who had detained the settler. Soldiers order Palestinians to leave and go home. This was the third time, residents said, that that settler had tried to enter the mosque .

5 May: Some five settler children stand, in the late afternoon, under the new settlement and throw stones at a Palestinian house. An adult settler stands alongside them. Soldiers pass by in a jeep (license number 611154), and, despite calls for help, refuse to intervene .

9 May : In the evening, two youths throw stones from the roof of the settlement building at an adjacent Palestinian house while the occupants, small children among them, are outside. The father calls to Border Police officers at the checkpoint to come, but to no avail. Also, police officers who pass by in a jeep (license number 22448) do nothing to enforce the law. Settlers break into the patio of the house, swear at the occupants and harass them. A Border Police officer at the checkpoint ignores another call for him to intervene. One of the settlers spit at one of the family and strike him. The stone throwing and swearing by the settlers continues for a few hours .

10 May: Before evening, four settlers, two adults and two youths, throw stones and glass bottles at a nearby Palestinian house. Two members of the family in the house call to the soldiers at the checkpoint for help, but they reply, '“Shut up and go home.'” The stone throwing continues for about half an hour .

12 May : Three minors and an adult female settler assault, in the afternoon, two Palestinian women who were crossing the checkpoint. The minors throw stones and bottles, and the settler woman assaults them with a rubber hose and with her hands. In response to a request for help by one of the Palestinian women, a soldier at the checkpoint says he is there only to protect the settlers and that he is not interested in what they do. The police refuse to come to the scene and demand that the complainant go to the station to file a complaint .

13 May: Before evening, three minors throw stones at Palestinians in the yard of their house .

8 June: At night, four young men from the settlement throw stones at a nearby house .

9 June: In the afternoon, two young men from the settlement try to knock a Palestinian man who was about eighty years old off his donkey .

11 June: In the afternoon, six youths from the settlement throw stones and eggs from the roof at Palestinian women standing near a neighboring house. Calls for help to a soldier at the checkpoint, to a police jeep, and a Border Police jeep that pass by are to no avail .

14 June : In the morning, five minors from the settlement harass Palestinians who pass by on the street, steal a barrel of vegetables and throw them into the trash .

15 June : Before evening, two settlers assault a local Palestinian, kicking and beating him. The incident takes place in front of two army officers .

6 July: A few youths from the settlement assault, before noon, a Palestinian six-year-old child who passes by on the street. Two of the assailants, who are on the road under the settlement building, also throw glass bottles. The settlers also throw stones at a Palestinian in his sixties, who is walking with crutches, hitting him in the chest. He is taken to hospital. The incident occurs in front of Border Police officers at the checkpoint. One of the policemen admits that he saw the old man being hit, and claims that he is forbidden to talk with the settlers, and that he is only there to protect them .

17-23 July: A group of children from the settlement throw stones and grab the clothes of Palestinians passing through the checkpoint. Adult settlers and soldiers standing there do nothing to stop the abuse .

5 August : In the evening, settlers throw stones at nearby houses and at Palestinians standing at the checkpoint. They also smash the window of a Palestinian car. Soldiers do nothing to prevent the stone throwing .

6 August: In the evening, settler children throw stones at a Palestinian woman passing through the checkpoint .

9 August : In the evening, settlers throw glass bottles at small Palestinian children passing by .

12 August: In the afternoon, settler children throw stones at Palestinians passing by. In the afternoon, settler children again throw stones. An adult settler standing by them curses at Palestinians and instructs the children to put things in the middle of the road to prevent their passage .

15 August: In the afternoon, settlers throw stones at Palestinians passing by .

19 August: A settler throws stones at a Palestinian who passes nearby .

20 August: In late afternoon, settlers throw stones and assault Palestinian workers who come to a nearby house and unload construction materials. The settlers try to prevent the truck from reaching the site and from unloading the materials .

22 August : Settler minors throw stones at Palestinian children passing by in the street .

23 August : At night, two settler women leave the settlement building and go into a Palestinian's yard. When the Palestinian homeowner calls out that they are trespassing, the women throw stones at her and at the house .

1 September: Near midnight, two settlers throw stones at an adjacent house .

3 September : Four settler youths - three boys and one girl - enter the yard of a Palestinian house next to the settlement. When a member of the Palestinian family say they are not allowed to cross, the settlers throw stones at him .