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From the field

Video blog: Footage posted on the net since fighting in Gaza began, July 2014

Since the recent bout of fighting in Gaza began, the internet has been inundated with footage of the fighting and its results. It is often difficult to determine the reliability of this footage as well as the context in which the images were shot. Our blog will present footage we collected from various online sources. We do not have full information regarding most of the items, so we appended explanatory notes for context. We also provided links to related media reports and cited details of information still missing. Please note: Most of the clips contain graphic content.

  • Watania News Agency: Clearing bodies out of ruins in a-Shuja'iyeh, 26 July 2014

    A compilation of footage showing Red Crescent workers and locals clearing bodies in a-Shuja'iyeh. The various segments show residents carrying bodies on stretchers out of the ruins, people standing among destroyed buildings, and a woman is heard crying.

  • Media Town news agency: Bombing in a-Shuja'iyeh

    Four-minute footage published by Gazan news agency Media Town of a massive bombardment of a street in a-Shuja'iyeh. Residents, journalists and paramedics are seen trying to hide from the bombing. In 1:46, shots are heard. At a certain point, the photographer and other residents enter a building and the image goes dark. Many bombs (22 in all) are heard exploding, accompanied by shouts of anxious or wounded locals.

  • LiveLeak: "Knock on the Roof" – bombing of Siyam family home (9 July 2014)

    Two video segments showing a house bombed in al-Bureij Refugee Camp in the pre-emptive Knock on the Roof procedure. According to the first segment, 57 seconds elapsed from the time of the pre-emptive warning missile to the bombing that destroyed the house. Filmed from nearby houses by two amateur photographers.

  • ISM: Youth shot in a-Shuja'iyeh neighborhood, Gaza City (20 July 2014)

    Seven consecutive video segments filmed while members of the International Solidarity Movement [ISM] (seen here in fluorescent yellow vests) toured the neighborhood. They were joined by several civilians. The young man in a green shirt is one of these civilians. He came to search for survivors in his family's home, which had been among the houses bombed. While they were in the neighborhood, sniper fire was opened at them and the young man in the green shirt was hit. He was wounded by the first bullet, and appears to have been killed after the second or third shot.

  • Shehab News Agency: Civilians flee bombing/shelling in a-Shuja'iyeh neighborhood, Gaza City; wounded youth evacuated (20 July 2014)

    A clip posted on the Facebook page of the Gazan Shehab News Agency. Several civilians are seen fleeing, against a background of thick smoke. A distraught woman is seen running and shouting "My son is dead". A young Palestinian with a broken leg is seen trying to flee. A young man approaches, picks him up and carries him to a yellow Ford van, which drives off with the two inside.